Republicans – Are They ALL Brainless Fuckwits?

Rep. Joe Barton (R-Texas) joins Michelle Bachmann in the running for the Most Scientifically Illiterate / Brainless Fuckwit Prize.
It’s not nearly as prestigious as the Nobel Prize won by Dr. Stephen Chu, who in this clip is forced to respond to the utterly vapid, stupid, ridiculous question posed by Barton, but it’s the only prize he might ever win on the merits.
Bonus points to Joe for posting this clip on his very own YouTube page under the heading “Energy Secretary Puzzled by Simple Question.”
Sorry, Joe…that should read “Energy Secretary Baffled by Texan Ignorance.”


One Response

  1. Look Joe Barton is so dumb he has an aide do up his shoe laces every morning. He’s so thick he can’t turn on a laptop and he’s so stupid he thinks Cuba is a nightclub in Dallas. Thats how he almost got the Chair of the Energy committee.

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