Michelle Bachmann is a Brainless, Ignorant Fuckwit

I don’t advocate murder or violence…much. But in the case of Michelle Bachmann something needs to be done.
Who voted for this brainless twit? How did it ever get elected? Who let her deep throat the throbbing cock of stupidity to the point of brain damage? Why hasn’t she been euthanized as a service to the human genome?


4 Responses

  1. “Carbon Dioxide is a harmless gas” and “there is not a single study that shows carbon dioxide is harmful.”

    might I suggest she be put in a chamber of CO2 as the most ironic method to euthanize her.

  2. I think at this moment it would be good to revisit this site, turn up the volume, click away and be thankful at least that things didn’t turn out like this:


  3. Good lord…what is it with these kinds of people? She probably looked up “CO2” and “atmosphere” on Wikipedia the night before and thought she had become Albert fucking Einstein. Gee, thanks, lady. We all forgot that a certain amount of CO2 is produced naturally “by the earth,” as part of the “life cycle.” Thanks for the revelation. God, I REALLY wish scientific knowledge was more highly valued by American voters! At least we have an intelligent guy like Obama in the White House. That counts for something.

  4. @ Drake

    Wait til she discovers that uranium and mercury are also naturally occurring elements. They’ll be legalized for toppings on breakfast cereal.
    “Captain Crunch – now with delicious arsenic!”

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