Sarah Palin Defense Fund

Sarah Palin has about $500K in outstanding legal bills from trying to get her brother-in-law fired from the Alaska state troopers. There is also a raft of subsequent allegations related to shady Palin shenanigans. Caribou Barbie needs Counsel Ken.

“The purpose is really to provide a legal and proper way for the governor’s supporters to help her respond to these frivolous complaints that have been leveled, keeping her from being able to do her job and…really harassing her.”
– Fund trustee Kristan Cole, a real-estate agent and longtime friend of the governor from her hometown of Wasilla.

See? One of her supporters says the allegations are frivolous. Merely a case of harassment…not at all a vapid, yammering, incompetent fuckwit reaping the just fallout from arrogant, underhanded, “I am directed by Jesus so if you disagree with what I want you are SATAN!” stupidity.
And I ALWAYS accept at face value the legal assessments of real estate agents who are friends of the accused as being perfectly, four-square within anything that might be considered cogent analysis of the facts and the law.

I will not be sending a dime, but I have a hearty “HA HA SUCKER!” for anyone who does.


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