Guns Don’t Kill People – Teddy Bears Kill People

Dahlia Lithwick on the connection between gun nuts, wingnuts and America’s inability to do anything rational about addressing the problem of gun deaths and regulation. Once again, Ms. Lithwick is bang on:

…(gun deaths) are the outgrowth of legal and policy choices we make every single day and the choices we avoid making year after year. We’re willing to roll the dice with our children and our neighbors—because we want to think it only happens to other people’s children and other people’s neighbors—on the principle that guns have nothing to do with gun deaths. The American debate about gun regulation begins and ends with a tacit agreement that the occasional massacre is the price we pay for freedom. No wonder teddy bears and candles are the only national gun policy we have.
Even if we aren’t brave enough to do anything about people with guns, can we at least evince outrage when people with guns are casually incited to use them? The National Rifle Association has, for instance, been responsible for disseminating a thoroughly debunked claim that President Obama has a “10 Point Plan To ‘Change’ the Second Amendment.” The group has contended Obama intends to “ban use of firearms for home defense, ban possession and manufacture of handguns, close 90 percent of gun shops and ban hunting ammunition.” And long after it became clear that there was simply no evidence for most of these claims, the NRA continued to assert, “We believe our facts.”



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