Rush Sympathizes With Muslim Pirates

Rush Limbaugh, in his increasingly desperate attempt to be all anti-Obama all the time, is stretching even the gigantic elastic waistband of his own tenuous grip on sanity.

You know what we have learned about the Somali pirates, the merchant marine organizers that were wiped out at the order of Barack Obama, you know what we learned about them? They were teenagers. The Somali pirates, the merchant marine organizers who took a US merchant captain hostage for five days were inexperienced youths, the defense secretary, Roberts Gates, said yesterday, adding that the hijackers were between 17 and 19 years old. Now, just imagine the hue and cry had a Republican president ordered the shooting of black teenagers on the high seas. Greetings and welcome back, Rush Limbaugh, the Excellence in Broadcasting Network and the Limbaugh Institute for Advanced Conservative Studies.

They were kids. The story is out, I don’t know if it’s true or not, but apparently the hijackers, these kids, the merchant marine organizers, Muslim kids, were upset, they wanted to just give the captain back and head home because they were running out of food, they were running out of fuel, they were surrounded by all these US Navy ships, big ships, and they just wanted out of there. That’s the story, but then when one of them put a gun to the back of the captain, Mr. Phillips, then bam, bam, bam. There you have it, and three teenagers shot on the high seas at the order of President Obama.

As stupid, pathetic and desperate as this is, one must assume that even the most hardcore dittohead ignoramuses are arching an eyebrow. Clearly the GOP is heading for a shattering schism – those who think this is a valid argument will hole up in some Dominican bunker with Rush, a bunch of opiates, some poverty stricken child prostitutes, a shitload of guns and paper the walls with posters of Sarah Palin. The rest of the Republicans will try to find someone, somewhere to vote for the Gingrich-Jindal ticket.
Me? I’ll be pissing myself laughing at them and sucking down strong drinks to keep my schadenfreude meter from making my head explode.


8 Responses

  1. He said that? That’s insane.

  2. I’m sure that this will not be published.. but here goes.

    I listened to the show that day. He was not sympathizing with the hijackers. This quote was taken out of context of his monologue. He said this “tongue in cheek”.

    This appears to be another attempt to discredit a Republican. Or are we “right wing radicals” now?

    • Yeah…that’s the problem, eh? Rush is forever being taken out of context. His meaning is constantly being twisted. Rusbo is really just misunderstood. He’s perfectly reasonable, rational, and not at all dedicated to finding something negative to say about Obama at every turn. Poor, gentle, reasonable Rush.
      Do you know what “taken out of context” means? You dim, lame twisted fuckwit. Nothing was taken out…I linked to the WHOLE FUCKING GIANT LENGTHY STUPID DIATRIBE.

  3. He was making the point that if this had been George Bush, the story would have gone the way it went in the 2nd paragraph. I heard him say this on the radio and the rest of what he had to say is not in your post, but in essence, he was pointing out the bias in media spin. The thing is, you know this.

    • Rush …pointing out bias in the media. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
      He might as well point out fat idiots. Pot…kettle.

  4. I would love to know if Rush has the courage to give himself as a hostage to save his followers as Capt Philips did to save his crew. Then what would Rush say about the “poor” teenage pirates with a gun to his back? Black, white, yellow, green, these so-called kids are murderers, and all the yellow belly critics of Obama need to take a second look at a TRUE LEADER.

  5. Rush isn’t really being desperate though, instead he amasses huge amounts of money off of others being desperate.

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