Looking for a ZannSlide

Lenore Zann is carrying the NDP banner in Truro, one of the most solidly Tory Blue joints in political history. Uglier even than those twisted freaks over the hill in Pictou.
Ms. Zann is smart, honest and sincere. She is not interested in dining at the trough, nor aligned with those who might hope to. In that singular regard, she is a creature rarely seen in Central Nova politics.
Ibel Scammell, a fine and eminently qualified candidate who narrowly missed a seat to solid genius and Tory minister Jamie Muir, heartily endorses Lenore. I had no need for further incentive but, in any case, that would most certainly do.
I don’t think the opposition understands the new technology…NS is a bit slow on the uptake and Truro solidly so. After all, they elected Bill Mills.
I digress.
I believe there is a plethora of eligible voters who have never bothered to object to the wave of tradition that has always obtained at the polls in the Hub Town. If those who went to high school with Lenore, all their children and all their friends (a) give it some consideration and (b) come out to vote, it’ll be a thumping…a landslide…a Zannslide!
I urge you all to emulate the shift in electoral politics that swept a black man named Hussein into the White House. Make the effort.
I want a ZannSlide!


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  1. […] years, I had no horse in the race beyond being acquainted with one of the candidates (about whom I have blogged before), and considered that she was easily the best choice to represent the riding if for no other reason […]

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