Stay Away From Glenn Beck!

I knew listening to Glenn Beck was awful…watching him is clearly harmful to brain cells. Apparently being near the foaming, blithering madness of Beck has greater consequences than I thought. This should make the Teabag Parties very interesting – wingnuts dropping like flies all over the place.
Lovely how Beck extends his hand, doesn’t do a damn thing to help, calls on someone else to DO SOMETHING, and then cuts to commercial. Anyone for another serving of metaphor?


4 Responses

  1. Comes to mind…
    I’ve seen people pass out for a variety of reasons – drugs, alcohol, exhaustion, drugs AND alcohol AND exhaustion…
    I’ve never heard anyone say, “I’m going to pass out….I’m gone,” and then slump to the floor.
    If you know it’s coming, don’t you choose to sit?
    It doesn’t look remotely fake, and I can’t imagine why anyone would…but that doesn’t make it any less unique.

  2. You and me both cousin. When I’ve seen people faint, they just drop. The people who say something about fainting usually just sit on the floor before they fallto the floor. I have no idea why he did not just sit down quickly and explain later.

  3. Yes, stay FAR away from Beck. He just might say something that might be truth. All that he does is quote what the left wing idiot fringe SAYS.

    YOU ALL are saying it, he is QUOTING YOU- It must feel nutty I guess when you actually HEAR yourselves….thats why you can’t believe it..

    I cant watch him, because he is EXPOSING what you all believe, and quite frankly, you left wing moonbats sacre the fk out of me.

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