Meghan McCain is a Vapid Twit

Laura Ingraham called her a chubby bottle blond.
Meh. I don’t care how much she weighs or what color her hair is…it does, however, sorta rub me the wrong way that this vapid twit scored a six-figure book deal to express her shallow, ignorant perspective on whatever the fuck she happens to be yammering about at the moment. On what basis, other than being the blithering offspring of John McCain, is this walking vacuum producing a book?

I popped over to The Daily Beast to check out her latest column – searching for some explanation as to why anyone would be interested in a book version of what amounts to juvenile twitter updates. My most cynical suspicions were immediately confirmed: Ms. McCain is painfully obtuse and viciously insipid…like some sort of mutant cross between Ray Comfort, Newt Gingrich and Elisabeth Hasselbeck.


I spent nearly two years on the road during my father’s presidential campaign, in my early twenties, surrounded by hygienically deficient, middle-aged political strategists traveling on a bus whose bathroom was almost always clogged. I did everything I could possibly think of to help get my father elected president. During that time, I admittedly realized conservatives’ failure to communicate effectively with my generation.

Translantion: OMG! How can these, like, older, experienced, smelly people who don’t, y’know, like, totally listen to ME possibly communicate with, like, ME?

It is no secret that the Republican Party, for all its faults, consistently displays party unity….But Democratic leaders such as Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid seem more concerned with their own personal agendas than supporting President Obama and the future of their party. In fact, shortly after Barack Obama was elected president, Senator Reid went so far as to say, “I don’t work for him.”

Translation: Sticking together, even when you’re on the road to disaster, is more important than listening to divergent views. If you can’t toe the party line, get the fuck out. (This, of course, seems an odd thing to hear from someone who has been asked to leave to GOP for criticizing its most fervent ideologues.)

I always have believed that in order for our government to successfully function and move forward, it is important for both parties to embrace centrism. Of course, many people voted for Barack Obama because they were hoping he would be an extremely liberal president. Personally, I think he and his advisers are smart enough to understand there’s much to be done in the political center by listening to both sides and learning to compromise.

WTF? Is that how the GOP sees themselves? Centrists? Really? The party which has publicly embraced obstructionism, boasts such luminaries as Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Michelle Malkin, Michelle Bachmann, the twit with the list of “socialists in congress”, Newt Gingrich, Eric Cantor…THESE people are centrist? These folks are ready and willing to work with President Obama…to COMPROMISE?
Just how stupid and obtuse does one have to be to make that argument with a straight face…without turning to the camera crew from Punk’d and tossing off a smug wink? And speaking of the smug, I invite you to click on over to McCain’s column and have a glance at the photo that accompanies her byline…looks like some bitchy priss who just finished off her former best friend’s ex merely for spite and revenge and now has a bead on the current – a level of smug that could only come from being too rich and the daughter of an arrogant, grumpy, entitled brat who passed on just those qualities in a single spermatozoa.

Meghan McCain seems to want to make the argument that the GOP needs to embrace centrist values; to abandon the aforementioned wingnuts, and seek a bipartisan path – to work WITH the Obama administration. One can only imagine that she would like to see all those black people lighten their skin a bit, all the religious folks not take Jesus quite so seriously, and all those bus-dwelling political animals spend a little more time with their deodorant sticks…maybe spruce up their fashion sense a tad.

That this blithering ignoramus is getting a six-figure book deal to yammer nonsense from the comfort of her castle in the clouds is offensive on its face. The sooner she realizes that the GOP is constructed upon a foundation of Rush, Beck, Ingraham, Coulter, Gingrich, Bachmann, Malkin and the small, deluded, vicious gang of cutthroat bastards, the sooner she’ll stop wasting her time trying to refloat a sinking ship with, like, a totally awesome redesign of the hull.
Until that magical day, this sputtering playground twit ought to be banned from putting pen to paper or being paid to do so. Pandering to fuckwits is no path to the future for anyone – politician or publisher.

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  1. There was a picture of her and an entourage of some sort during the campaign. Walking through a hallway, all holding lattes, staring into their cellphones, mouths open. That goofy Sex in the City moment did not convince me of her better qualities whatever they may be.

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