In A Sane World, We’d Just Kill Glenn Beck

There’s just no excuse for dramatic, bullshit, twisted fear-mongering like this. None. It is divorced from reality, without foundation – existing only in Glenn Beck’s tortured imagination and desperate, pandering desire for a greater share of the brainless fuckwit demographic. This horrid crap is not informative, not factual, not analytical and not genuine. It’s unbalanced, paranoid, delusional…it’s fucking nuts.
Now, I fully support a person’s right to be fucking nuts. But when you start inflicting your insanity on the rest of the world by ginning up a bunch of imbeciles, idiots, wingnuts and a rainbow of assorted desperate, fearful morons, infecting them with the toxic pollen of your batshit night sweats, it’s time to drag you out in the field behind the barn and put you out of our misery.


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  1. Marc Maron-esque style commentary. Well done

    • @ PunditFight

      Now I gotta go find out who Marc Maron is.

      UPDATE: Oh…that guy. Well…that’s cool. I wonder if he could use a writer. I could use the gig.

    • Also @ PunditFight

      Dude! You gotta do something about your blog design. Your text is nigh on invisible against the striped fabric background.
      Holy sweet jumped up jesus on skis! My eyes! MY EYES!!!

      UPDATE: Nevermind. The white BG merely took some time to present.

  2. Criticique duly noted. Though I’m pretty sure you just haven’t allowed the whole page to load ( a lot of youtube clips and all) so the white bg behing the text hasn’t come into effect.

    A catalyst for change nonetheless. Maron is a comedian/liberal pundit. Does a show calld BreakRoolmLive with Sam Seder atm. A thoughtful entertainer

  3. Shove your opinions. You’re either uninformed, or a Marxist.

    Obama and his racist friends are a severe minority of a minority. Once everyone wakes up to what’s happening, they will be destroyed.

    Remember where you are.

    • I shall not bother with you. My legions of doom (and insight) shall dispense your requisite correction.

      • Read his books you pathetic close minded ignoramus. You are a sheeple who thinks the standing president needs to tell you every move to make. I feel sorry for you. Your low self esteem at name calling shows your character. You have none.

        • The irony of having a stone stupid, racist right wing buffoon such as yourself take me to task for identifying you by proper taxonomic terminology, while at the same time resorting to name calling is almost too sweet for words.
          YOU have not read either of the president’s books, nor is there any basis whatsoever for the pathetic assumptions you need to make in order to feel as if you have some soggy bit of Klan infected ground upon which to stand while drooling out your blatantly ignorant crap. Obama despises his white blood? Whatever else your atrophied grey matter forces you to believe in order to justify your pathetic, insistently obtuse bullshit, you can fkn well stop tear-assing about the internet with your inbred racist hate, spewing outright lies.
          You feel sorry for me? Sympathy, and certainly empathy, are not qualities you possess – that much was clear from the moment you stumbled in here with your utterly false, backward, ginned up Glenn Beck comfort blanket.
          As for your pearl-clutching fainting spells in response to my language, it always amuses me how people who have absolutely no substance to their argument; who base everything they think and believe on some idiotic bit of invented bullshit spewed from the batshit insane mouths of Beck, Limbaugh and/or Hannity; whose arguments (and I do that term a disservice applying it to the fantasy world in which you live) need not even be dismantled as they crumble under the weight of their own stupidity, ALWAYS get their knickers in knot and take to whining and crying about THE LANGUAGE…the TONE…as if, by virtue of your own gentility and refusal to say the word “Shit” even though your mouth is full of it, your position is somehow saved and mine rendered unworthy.
          Listen, you stone ignorant piece of Dunning-Kruger syndrome shit: Fuck off somewhere. YOU, and all those like you, are not PART of the problem, you ARE THE PROBLEM. The whole of it. You are ignorant – stubbornly, insistently, willfully blind, racist on your face and in your heart – and you have no interest whatsoever in addressing the rotten history of your party, your peers, your cohorts, your “thinkers” or your philosophy in general.
          You have done NO research, yet you accuse others of your own failing. Iraqi WMD in Syria! Obama despises his white blood!
          What a surprise – Republican projection wrapped up in a metric assload of outright lies. The party of personal responsibility who keep dragging serial adulterers and whore mongers back into the game, all the while thumping their bibles and screaming about how the LIBERALS are responsible for moral decay.
          Now, seriously, fuck off.

    • LOL, what a fucking retard.

      “Obama is a racist”

      you fucking dipshits know his mother (who raised him) was white dont you?

      God damn, if there’s one thing stupid ass republican americans hate its any kind of book, or fact, or data, or history, or knowledge.

      • Actually, his grandmother raised him. His mother died when he was a young boy.

        • Republicans hate facts? Democrats have made a career of ignoring facts and distorting them. Read Obummer’s books. He owns up to despising having white blood. You going to spout facts be sure you know them.

        • That’s PRESIDENT OBAMA to you, you racist piece of shit. As for having your facts straight, stop parroting invented bullshit about “white blood” – it only reveals you for the ignorant, hateful, low information, Hannity ass licking imbecile you are.
          Tell me ALL about ignoring FACTS (WMD!) you blithering fking shit.

        • We didn’t like Clinton or Jimmy Carter either. Was that racism. We aren’t Democrats so naturally we don’t agree with Obummer. How thick are you? Anyone that screams racism does so because they don’t know any facts to spout. Go home grow up and learn some intelligent vocabulary to use and then post. Also if you are waiting on Obummer to pay your mortgage ( if you own a house which I doubt). He ain’t going to.

        • I don’t care whether you like him. Calling President Obama “Obummer” simply reveals you for the shallow, unthinking piece of trash you are.
          You have no argument other than petty grade school name calling, and you’re the sort of idiot that thinks Reagan (Iran-Contra) and Bush (WMD/Iraq/Katrina/Global financial meltdown) were great presidents.
          You’re just stupid. I mean…REALLY fkn stupid.

        • Obviously you didn’t hear they found WMD in Syria and the trail led right back to Iran. You need to start researching buddy. I guess you can’t read unless its all in cuss words.

        • Obviously YOU are prepared to gobble down whole and regurgitate the opinion of a single Fox News “military analyst” (Fair AND Balanced)…and call that “Research.”
          No credible source has ever asserted that Iraqi WND were shipped to Syria…well, beside Pajamas Media (LMAO!). What a surprise that you lie just like Hannity and consider yourself well informed. Now fk off somewhere, you ignorant, blithering twat.

        • Only an immature moron uses such language. Definately shows your intelligence level. Go back to school and learn to use grown up words

        • I will…as soon as you learn how to spell DEFINITELY, you illiterate twat.

        • Oh and by the way I don’t watch Fox and especially the propaganda news sources you watch. I research on my own. Something you should try

        • You “Research” on your own, do you? Please do provide a source, then, for your claim regarding Iraqi WMD in Syria (do try to avoid PJ Media and Infowars). While you’re at it, you well-read, highly educated, clear thinking genius…a link to your source for President Obama admitting to despising his “White blood.”

          Get back to your Klan meeting and stop pestering your intellectual betters, you vapid, ignorant waste of skin. You research on your own? LMAO.
          You wouldn’t know how to fkn start.

      • Marcia

        George Takei has a message for you

      • Anyone can be racist. Black people are racist against light skinned blacks. Racism is not just the problem of one race.

        • The blanket statement: “Black people are racist against light skinned blacks” (attributing a quality to an identifiable group based solely on the colour of their skin) IS A TEXTBOOK EXAMPLE OF RACISM.
          Yes, anyone CAN be racist…and YOU ARE.
          You should alter your surname ever so slightly: Marcia Cracker.

    • I don’t think you have any right calling anyone a Marxist unless you’ve read Communist Manifesto which I’m assuming you didn’t because if you did you would know that calling somebody a Marxist and a racist would be like calling someone egalitarian and a nazi. It really just seems to me that assholes like you call any one who disagrees with Glenn Beck a commie.

      • This may be the absolutely dumbest, most ignorant, backward, stunted, head-up-your-ass comment to stumble in here this year. Jack Manis….COME ON DOWN! You’re the next contestant on TOO STUPID TO BREED!

        • Scroll up, Cousinavi, because it’s pretty clear the dude’s comment isn’t even close to being the stupidest comment made in 2010….just on this one topic alone.

          Does The Mad Jewess ring a bell?

          Sure, it’s stupid to think Marxism and racism are mutually exclusive, but at least he’s suggesting reading up on shit (ie the Communist Manifesto) before spouting out ignorant, untrue, opinions.

          Unless you’re going by the Chinese New Year, but even then, he’d be lucky to crack the Top 10.

        • Yeah…Mad Jewess does raise the bar pretty fucking high on the batshit insanity scale. It was the “call anyone who disagrees with Beck a commie” thing, tho…I mean…BECK calls anyone who disagrees with him a commie. So, that would sorta imply I agree with the bawling clown. There are some twisted fucking minds wandering the tubes, man.

        • Oh and mister has to cuss because he can’t discuss. They found WMD in Syria and they found out they came from Iran. You need to start researching so you know what’s going on. How old are you?

  4. Yeah, BarrySoetoro.

    By the end of Obama’s first term, black people will make up the entire Fortune 500 and the Stars & Stripes will be replaced by the Hammer & Sickle.

    I feel obliged to mention that the above was sarcasm because people these days are just too fucking stupid for me to just post that as is.

  5. I would gladly slice that traitorous douchbag into fist size chunks. Then I would let those chunks of douchebag flesh rot in the sun for a week. Then I would use it as crab bait. After the water comes to a boil, I would add each douchbag fed crab to the pot, and smile towards hell.

    Seriously, some one needs to kill Glenn Beck. Please put this fucktard out of my misery!

  6. Putting Glenn Beck on TV about as responsible a use of the public airwaves as UBS airing The Howard Beale Show in the movie Network.

    The guy is stark raving mad and will probably blow his brains out on air if Obama is re-elected. (Here’s hoping.)

    • Hahahaha suckmeoffsuckmeoff. But in all seriousness, I think the real answer is to ELIMINATE THE INTERNET. People can’t have weighted, meaningful discussions while separated by broadband connections and staring into LCD screens. This just adds to the growing mania so many feel, because of stupid ass attention-seekers, and just downright batshit-insane nincompoops, creating discussions no one needs to be having, especially not homosexual infants.


  8. It’s ok to make some lite, sarcastic musings of the infecting of the weak minded to violence, but when that violence becomes manifest and tangible actions are commited by these far right extremists, then what do we do then? Simply shake our heads and say, “Oh well, didn’t see that one coming, huh?” NO!! It is the unfortunate reality of our time to live in this climate of terrorism and gasoline being poured on the southern elements of fear and anxiety to do something horrific in the name of false beliefs being propogated by single minded individuals like Glenn Beck.
    There’s only one thing to do and if none of you know what it is, then we’re lost and dying already.

  9. Crazy, nuts, dramatic, fear-monger… you left out one…effective. If he is crazy why do you fear him? Oh yeah, he gets ratings never seen before in cable news for his time slot. It’s a bitch when someone uses their own words to destroy them isn’t it? It is interesting that those who shout “tolerance” seldom display it. It’s easier to label someone a racist than argue your point of view, but as Glenn has shown…it’s not as effective.

  10. One more thing, cousinavi. Could you please post one thing that Glenn Beck has said that is untrue? Just one thing is all I ask.

    • One thing?

      FEMA camps.

      “America has the worst health care system in the world” (2007) vs. “America has the best health care system in the world” (2009) – BOTH of the those statements are lies.

      Barack Obama is a racist. (Not only a lie, just plain stupid)

      America is becoming a fascist / socialist state (the two are mutually exclusive).

      Glenn Beck falsely asserted that the Iowa Supreme Court’s decision striking down the state’s ban on same-sex marriage “is actually about going into churches … and saying you can’t teach anything else.” In fact, the ruling does not affect religious institutions’ definitions of marriage.

      N.O. levees were allowed to fail to hide ACORN corruption.

      Effective in winding up stupid, uneducated, fearful racists who are too lazy and too ignorant to be bothered finding out the truth. If THAT’S what you call effective, then you might as well start watching “Ow, My Balls!” for your news updates. Glenn Beck is an imbecile, a clown, a joke pandering to brainless, racist fuckwits who don’t know anything except they hate having a black man in the white house.
      I don’t fear Glenn Beck. I pity the people who think he’s even remotely informed and the fate of democracy when morons like that are allowed to vote. The premise of democracy is an informed, educated electorate making good choices after considering the facts – NOT a bunch of backward, brainless tools ginned up on bullshit, hate, fear and lies yammering a bunch of nonsense and voting based on ignorance and hate.

      It’s easier to label someone a racist than argue your point of view, but as Glenn has shown…it’s not as effective.

      You fuckwit! The perhaps you could explain to me WHY GLENN BECK labeled Barack Obama a racist, you myopic fucking moron. And why 99.9% of those who turn out to Beck’s stupid fucking tea parties are WHITE and dragging around racist fucking signs.

      Fuck you. You’re too stupid to see, or too chickenshit to admit that you’re halfway motivated by racism and halfway by sheer cunting stupidity.

      • Nazis were socialists–National Socialist so they are not mutually exclusinve.

        Baraky is anti white because of the colonial experiences his father had including beatings

        • And there, for all to see, is the stunned brainless idiocy of a vapid twat. The Nazis were SOCIALISTS, see, because the word was in their name! I guess that makes North Korea DEMOCRATIC because, see, it’s in their name…The DEMOCRATIC People’s Republic of Korea.

          You fucking imbecile. Go suck Meir Kahane’s dead withered cock, you vicious racist whore.

        • MadJewess…

          Did your parents have any children who lived?

          Seriously…you need psychological help.

          My Irish shikse wife has more sense in her pinky toe than you have in your entire body…

        • Despite being 50% white, Obama is anti-white because of some beatings his black ancestors got?

          I thought being ruled by the “superior white man” was supposed to be all milk and honey. I thought these mindless savages were supposed to improve from the guidance and positive example white people provided. That’s why slavery and colonialism were such good things, right?

          Well, unless you’re going to claim socialists were running those colonies. That would be, no doubt, responsible for all the negatives associated with white colonial rule in your opinion.

      • *snap*

    • Onre thing he said that’s untrue?


      “America already has the best health care in the world. We do take care of our sick.” –Glenn Beck, June 4, 2008

      “What does it mean for the country if we lose are position as the innovator, as having the best health care in the world?” –Glenn Beck, April 29, 2009


      “We seem to be a society or a system of health care in this country that is just trying to shove the patient through that door as fast as possible.” –Glenn Beck, January 7, 2008

      “Let me tell you about my personal voyage through the nightmare that is the American health care system.” –Glenn Beck, January 7, 2008

      “Getting well in this country can actually almost kill you.” –Glenn Beck, January 7, 2008.

  11. cousinavi, you sound like a typical black person. You still haven’t listed a lie. The FEMA camp conspiracies were created during the Clinton administration, socialism and fascism are more similar than they are different, the Iowa thing is an opinion (dare someone disagree with you) and I challenge you again to show me one racist sign at a tea party (that wasn’t planted by an Obama supporter). Just because Pelosi says there are swastika signs at tea parties doesn’t make it so. Sadly, you are being used, and you’re too angry to see it. I doubt it’s even possible for you to respond without cursing.

    • Black person? LOL. You’re stupid, obtuse and apparently have your head jammed quite some distance up your ass.
      The FEMA camps are a myth – a creation of right wing nutbars and trafficked by Glenn Beck.
      The Iowa SC decision is perfectly clear (I happen to have gone to law school), and anyone who suggests that it will have any effect on how churches conduct their business is, quite simply and plainly, a liar.
      If you think socialism and fascism are more similar than different, you know nothing about either of them (but that doesn’t surprise me – you and all your anti-Obama cohorts feed on ignorance and are fueled by lies and stupidity).
      The racist signs are everywhere. They were out at Sarah Palin rallies, they are lofted by birthers, and there is more than enough evidence of them being printed and circulated – SOLD for PROFIT – by right wing funded obstructionist organizations and assholes that the suggestion that they’ve been planted by Obama supporters convinces me that you’re either too stupid to tolerate, or a paid fucking troll.
      I’m being used? By whom, you brainless fuckwit? You stupid, ignorant, backward, racist, tin-foil hat wearing moron.
      YOU are the death of democracy. YOU are a misinformed blithering tool, to lazy and too stupid to be bothered checking to see if the shit that drips from the drooling trap of an idiot like Glenn Beck has ANY basis in reality.
      Get fucked, you spooge gobbling imbecile, but don’t waste your breath here any more. I generally don’t ban commenters for being stupid or having a differing opinion, but the sheer depth of your insistent ignorance – the degree to which you cling to utter fucking falsehood, stamp your childish feet and assert that you KNOW ANYTHING – is not only disgusting, it’s fucking pathetic.
      It’s ignorant bastards like you that voted George Bush into office – TWICE – and who are responsible for the fucking mess that you NOW scream, holler and whine in some vicious and ugly effort to prevent anyone from fixing. The sheer breadth of your stupidity is painful to contemplate. Here’s hoping you haven’t managed to reproduce. It would be criminal to let someone like you raise a child.
      “A typical black person.” ONLY a racist would say such a thing. Do you even understand that?

      • Wont you be surprised after it comes out that the FEMA camps are real and occupied by those arrested by the US military in training right now to put down economic riots coming to a town near you.

        • I almost wish they were…and built just to lock up worthless fucking morons like you.
          Stupid cunt.

        • MadJewess (in your case, “mad” means “meshugge”)…

          Looking for the black helicopters outside of your house?

          Are there little green men under your bed?

          Wearing your tinfoil hat?

          You really are a piece of work…

  12. If he is crazy why do you fear him? Oh yeah, he gets ratings never seen before in cable news for his time slot.- Hmm

    Yes. The fact that a mentally ill person has resonance with so many people should terrify any sane person who cares at all about the fate of their nation. No legitimate news organization would ever think of allowing somebody like him, left or right, on the air. Never mind being the host of a show, he shouldn’t make the cut as a “man on the street” interview.

    Unfortunately, our “news” media preforms virtually no public service. News Networks in particular, are engaged in nothing but the sale of pure entertainment. As such, they actively search out insanity and broadcast it as “news”, effectively giving mental illness equal footing with actual, real, live, important information. This robs the public of the information they need to make good decisions about their lives and their society.

    People like Glen Beck are poison. The fact that he is “effective” is certainly a true statement. But that only makes it MORE terrifying because it shows the sheer volume of ignorance and insanity in America.

    Large number of Americans will buy ANYTHING they’re sold, even from a guy who just screams of mental illness, so much so, they will ignore everything to the contrary.

    I wouldn’t let a clown like this work on my bicycle, never mind be in control of my information intake.

  13. cousinavi…. your replies to hmmm are making YOU look stupid and the fact that you would ban someone just because they don’t agree with you is very sad. You are a typical liberal nut case. Just wondering….what flavor was your Kool-Aid?

    • @ Kristie

      Are you illiterate or just obtuse, like your little friend?
      No one gets banned for disagreeing. They rarely get banned for stupidity. But stubborn, massive ignorance – insistent, unrestrained fuckwittery – well, I’m not obligated to put up with that. Hmmm has no facts, only lies and bullshit. Opinions, to be worth anything at all, need to be based on something remotely like reality.
      The argument that socialism and fascism are “more alike than different” is breathtaking in its sheer imbecility; the suggestion that the racist posters flagging around tea party protests are planted there by Obama supporters is stubborn paranoid foolishness, and the claim that Glenn Beck has never lied is just backward, bullshit trolling.
      I’m under no obligation to put up with such shabby, moronic behaviour. It’s very telling that when I kick someone the fuck out of here for being a brainless spooge stain, they enlist fuckwittwed friends to come around and assert that I’m stifling dissent.
      Even a cursory trip about this blog demonstrates that dissent is not only tolerated, but invited. What ISN’T tolerated is stone ignorance of simple facts and a childish determination to ignore reason. Insisting that Glenn Beck is HONEST in the face of the daily bullshit and insanity that punch me faced drip inflicts on news qualifies for “Thanks for playing, here’s your lovely parting gift, now fuck off.”
      Now run along to the Bush Memorial Library. It’s time for you and your gang to have your daily paragraph of My Pet Goat.

  14. I’m still waiting for one picture of a racist sign at a tea party and one fact that Glenn Beck has lied about.

    In regard to planting signs, You should read Rules For Radicals, but I’m sure you already have. I’m sure you believe that the ACORN employees caught on tape breaking law after law are upstanding community organizers.

    It’s funny that your statist democrat leaders control the House, the Senate and the Presidency and you are still a miserable, angry person. Obama will prove the be the best thing to happen to the Republican party since Jimmy Carter. I can hardly wait for Nov 2010.

    • I’ve given you Beck’s lies. That you insist they are not only renders you incapable of engaging in reasoned debate.
      You’re like the morons who yammer “Keep the government off my Medicare!” – too stupid to know how stupid you are.
      If you want to see racist signs at tea party protests, go look at any collection of pictures taken at one of them. There are plenty, and the shouting, ignorant, redneck morons waving the Confederate flag, or screaming about the “Marxist Sambo” are clearly not plants. They’re your friends, family and cohorts.
      That you can’t get your head around the difference between Obama describing his grandmother as “a typical white person” and YOU describing ME as “a typical black person” (the one meaning “No different in any particular fashion from any other person” while the other is designed to attribute a particular set of beliefs which you denigrate) only further demonstrates that you are a racist, and one who has developed a skill set at rationalizing your racism. It’s much like saying “He’s a typical Englishman” when describing what people in England commonly eat for breakfast versus saying “He’s a typical Englishman” when referring to a gang of soccer hooligans. That the words are the same is of no relevance. It’s the meaning behind the words that counts…and YOU are a racist.
      The obstructionist bullshit, lies, childish tantrums, ignorant barely veiled racism and vicious frustration displayed by the right wing and the GOP in the wake of their destruction after Bush/Cheney is disgusting. There was never – NEVER – anything like the sort of objections to Bush lying the country into war, violating international law, allowing the destruction of New Orleans, outting Valerie Plame, Gitmo, Abu Ghraib, warrantless wiretapping, the pissing away of a massive budget surplus. There SHOULD have been, especially from you blithering fuckwits who jabber incessently about “fiscal responsibility” and “national debt”. Too little, too late. You made the fucking mess, now shut the fuck up while adults try to fix it. But no…what do YOU and yours do? Stomp your feet and hold your breath, cry, whine, moan, lie, thrash about and behave like spoiled little bastards. Birthers, death panelists, gun nuts, racists…not only engaging in the worst, most despicable sort of behaviour, but going so far as to try and blame the ugliest shit on Democratic PLANTS! As IF there were any need for the left to further discredit everything you fuckers did and everything you touched. For eight long years you were WRONG ABOUT EVERYTHING, and fucked up every single issue that came down the pipe. Name a single thing you assholes got right. ONE. (Here it comes…Bush kept us safe! As if that were true…)

      And what’s the best you can do? Whine about a few fuck-ups associated with ACORN. As opposed to never having given a rats ass that children were being tortured in Gitmo while others were being “renditioned” to third world counties and murdered, and Haliburton and KBR stole BILLIONS of dollars from the American tax payer. Not a fucking peep out of YOU over that, though, eh?

      Frankly, I’d have more respect for you if you could just be honest enough to admit you hate black people, can’t stand to see one in the White House and you won’t stop until white power is restored to Christian America, instead of this stunted contorted bullshit that insists Glenn Beck speaks the truth, there’s no difference between socialism and fascism, Obama is Hitler, America has the best health care system in the world, and you’re not a racist.
      It just makes you look stubborn, and rather dumber than you plainly are (assuming such a thing is even possible).
      Now fuck off, you ignorant, yammering cuntflap. I have no more time for your brianless foolishness.

  15. BTW, I’ve forwarded your posts to dozens of my friends, and you have really helped me open their eyes to the typical Obama supporter. Thanks for your assistance.

    • You don’t have friends. Just idiots who need the same sort of stroking justification you find by rolling in shit together.

  16. “It’s funny that your statist democrat leaders control the House, the Senate and the Presidency and you are still a miserable, angry person.”

    Now that’s funny!

    Almost as funny as “dozens of friends”. In this day and age, almost nobody has dozens of friends. Most are lucky if they have 2-3 real ones. Friends are not screen names on the Internet that interact with you. Friends make regular appearances in your real life, assuming you have one. Fewer and fewer people do these days.

    But the funniest is blaming Democratic plants for the crazy teabagger bullshit. Forget about Wall Street, ACORN is going to steal your money and use it to…plant trees! Yeah, that’s it. Ha Ha Ha!

    Did you know the Public Healthcare option was an amendment snuck into the legislation by Republican Congressmen doing Rush Limbaugh’s bidding, trying to discredit Obama? Yep Glen Beck told me that! During the commercial break he channelled his spirit into the body of my dead parrot and it awoke and told me this, so it must be true!

  17. your posts are beautiful

  18. Something surely does need to be done to silence this idiot.
    All they are trying to do is have some stupid moron try to do something to the president.Then they will say that person wasnt a good american.
    I need to get started on my in case something happens to the president list.
    If i could put together a strike team that would eliminate all of these fuckwads in one night,THE WORLD WOULD BE A MUCH BETTER PLACE.
    AAHHH,awaking to fresh air and,peace.i can dream,right.

  19. Glenn Beck needs to go down first. Then Sean Hannity, then Limbaugh, then O’Reilly, who at least makes an effort to appear centrist on SOME nights. Faux News is a grotesque propaganda machine. They claim that they report the news fairly and then have some editorial shows where the hosts are allowed to say what they like. This isn’t even true; if you watch Faux during the day it is plainly obvious that 95% of the stories mentioning Obama or Democrats are done so with a clearly negative slant, not to mention the multitude of contrived “controversies” they CREATE and report on with no substantiation. Alot of the times they will do this by asking a question; for instance: “Obama Supports Babykilling?” They do this in place of making such false allegations outright. It happens EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. and something needs to be done about those motherfuckers!!!!!

    • You are petrified of Beck because he shines light on the left using their own hateful words.

      • David (shame my middle name is “David”)

        I’m petrified that nobody has punched Beck or you in the mouth for being a racist pig.

        Avi..have you ever heard what these Kahainists said about Amadou Diallo and Abmer Louima? Sickening.

        The JTF Kahanists are nothing more than the Jewish version of the KKK/Stormfront.. Pieces of dreck .who espouse hate.

  20. Know what, I take back O’Reilly. He may be pretty idiotic sometimes, but I don’t think he deserves to go like the other three. The others engage almost EXCLUSIVELY in ad hominem attacks (and I say almost *only* because I haven’t seen/heard every single show). There is no logic to their arguments; it’s simply: “Obama said this, therefore this must be wrong, because I don’t like Obama.” It’s beyond retarded. And Glenn Beck is a fucking clown. He is one of the most unintentionally hilarious people I have ever encountered. All of his appeals are completely emotional. He’ll say something like, “And I don’t know about YOU, but bluh bluh un-American bluh bluh socialism bluh bluh.” As if I’m supposed to follow this DOUCHE’s lead!!! Sean Hannity is such a character, that I can’t completely take him seriously. Like, after he makes a statement, I don’t know what place he goes back to in his head. I am not sure this idiot is a carbon-based life form. There is nothing about his show that is trying to provide a single solution to ANYTHING. It’s all divisive propaganda. But the amazing thing out of all this, IS THAT THESE MOTHERFUCKERS ARE TAKEN SERIOUSLY. It’s a circular logic – because they are on TV, their opinions are supposed to matter. I’m ranting, but my point is that I think O’Reilly deserves a tad more credit than the rest, since he seems to attempt to take an objective looks at the facts on their own merits (although the choice of issues he raises remains highly partisan and questionable). But Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, and the rest? Those sons of bitches need to burn.

  21. all I ask is what about maddow and olberman? where do they stand. they act like raving lunitics at least Glenns funny and crazy not just crazy

  22. The whole info-tainment genre should be tossed out in the garbage where it belongs. I don’t watch any of it.

    News channels should be -get this- DOING NEWS! If anybody wants current event based entertainment, that’s what late night comedians and The Daily Show/Colbert Report are for. Hell, they probably do a better job with the news than News Channels do and they sure as hell are funnier.

    As for Maddow and Olberman, I’ve seen half a dozen shows between them. From what little I’ve seen, they’re well above average, but it’s still clear they are in the same business of info-tainment.

    If Maddow and Olberman disappearing meant Glenn Beck, Bill O’Reilly and all the others disappeared as well, I’d be more than fine with that. I long for the day when all opinion spewing hosts are shown the door.

    A lot of shit goes on in the world everyday. We just don’t hear about it because “News” Channels fill their line-up with bullshit entertainment filler instead of doing their jobs. (aka bringing it to us) Airtime given to clowns who preach daily sermons to their choirs about the Inside-the-Beltway topic du jour are of little more value than airing a test pattern.

  23. Amen!

  24. Cousinavi,
    I love you! I just came across this and would love to shake your hand! Well done w/ those responses. It’s good to know not everyone is as dimwitted as those insane birthers and teabaggers.

  25. I am a white male from the fucked up state of Texas and I can tell you for a fact that my white Republican Fox news watching zombie family members and there friends are more racist now then they ever used to show before. They cant stand President Obama is a half black man. I would love to beat Glen Beck with a shovel tell his fake tears turned blood red. I finally moved to Nevada and now Im a happy camper. Republicans and Fox news call kiss my ass

  26. I fucking hate glenn beck, he is such a fucking douchebag cocksucking faggot, I want him to die.

  27. Really I wish we could live in a world where no one had to die violently. But some people simply cause too much harm to others in their time on earth for them to live. Be it through terrorist acts, wanton bullying, or the slinging of the type of inflammatory bullshit that dribbles out of Beck’s mouth daily. If Beck was taken out into the streets and shot in the face I’d be grateful – I only wonder if I had the courage of conviction to do it myself were it recognized the world over as one of the true and necessary exceptions to ‘Thou Shalt Not Kill’.

  28. Go for it, man! …. Er…Go for it, Brodiman!

    I’m sure Cousinavi could set up a legal defence fund for you and even a cheap bastard like me would donate to it.

    When fetus worshippers kill doctors because they preform legal health services, abortions, very few call it for what it is…terrorism. The purpose is to scare docs, hospitals and governments away from providing these services.

    If somebody iced Beck and a couple of other dangerous crackpots, perhaps it might scare other “brainy killers” and the networks who provide a venue for their legal-but-reprehensible services into no longer offering them to the public.

  29. cousinavi,

    This is a very late comment but I just wanted to say you are fucking awesome. I love the way you rip relentlessly into these dumb fucking cunts who have no idea what the fuck they’re talking about and spew the same, tired, FOX news blathering nonsense out of their rotten-toothed faces like oral diarrhea. It’s an embarrassment that they are allegedly of the same species as us, to be honest.

    Me personally, I’d pay lots of money to send Glenn “smug fat face needs to be beaten to a pulp” Beck, Rush “fat lying dipshit” Limbaugh and Sarah “I am a worthless cunt” Palin to a gas chamber. It’s not about intolerance, these fuck-faces have more than abused the privilege of free speech by acting like snake oil salesmen and purposely promoting outright lies for their own agendas. The most ironic part is that they also are “proud Christians” who think that because they believe in an invisible sky wizard, they are going to heaven even though they are horrible fucking people. Then again, that describes the entire right wing and about 90% of Christians anyway.

  30. Glen Pecker is a Zionist Shill.

  31. Way off topic but…

    Both Beck and Israel are on a LOT of shit-lists, so it’s not that hard to imagine there’s some crossover…at least outside of America. I wouldn’t describe myself as a hater, but I’m not exactly a big fan of the state of Israel either. (Beck goes without saying.) Maybe I’m part Zebra.

    Now, if only FOX Noise would collect the same level of interest from suicide bombers as Israel does.

  32. Its pretty awful, when we see posts like this, that Beck is right about the possible left wing genocidal maniacs. You make me very sad..

    On the other hand, Fred D is OFF topic.. A “Zionist shill?” Really… tell me all about how he is a “Zionist Shill” Obama is monitoring Jewish births in Judea and Samaria, a Bolshevik tactic. Not in any way, shape or form a “Zionist”
    Zionist: A person who goes to Israel and never returns to where they came from.
    Bolshevik: Genocidal Pharoahs.

    • You don’t even know what a Zionist is. Idiot.
      And, apparently you’ve been reading World Net Daily as if it weren’t lies written by insane people.
      Bolshevik: Genocidal Pharoahs? LMAO. You’re a riot. I’ve had some ring wing crazies comment here before, but you really stretch the envelope.

      • You are a Bolshevik pansy. Leftists like you will eventually be thrown out of this nation when good people do what must be done in Washington

        • Nothing I like better than a fascist cunt that screams about freedom of speech…when it suits him…and reverts back to form almost immediately. You’re an asshole, boy. A stupid, bitter, frustrated, hateful little asshole. Your mommy must have done some evil fucking shit to turn out a desperate, stubborn loser like you.

  33. When fetus worshippers

    —-Maybe you should be HAPPY YOUR MOTHER was a ‘fetus worshipper’

    • You’re really just fucking insane. I bet you get told that all the time, eh? You need professional help.

  34. insane teabaggers.

    When Ya’all protested, we just thought it didnt make sense, like Code Pink calling for the MURDER of US troops.
    But now since conservatives do it, it is ‘insane’
    Well, it aint so insane where I live with property tax hikes.
    I guess Ya’all LIKE to be taxed out the wazoo.

    • Yeah, there’s a distinction to be drawn between crazy fuckwits who protest based on ignorance, lies and ginned up bullshit, and those who protest egregous violations of ethics, fact and law.
      The former are mindless, astroturf teabaggers.
      For example: YOU blithering like a stupid bitch about your fucking property taxes, which are set by your MUNICIPALITY…but you, being a yammering moron, protest the federal government, which CUT YOUR TAXES. Imbecile.

  35. You don’t even know what a Zionist is

    I am 100% PRO Israel, I am a speaker against the Bolshevik media establishment in Israel that call themselves “Zionists”.
    NO, you do NOT know right from wrong WITHOUT G-d.

    – I’ve had some ring wing crazies comment here before, but you really stretch the envelope –

    Wow, aren’t you novel.. Is that the best you can come up with? How old are you, 17?? Or did you just have your last Bar Mitzvah last week??
    Grow up.

    • @ themadjewess

      That you frantically drop four separate comments on a single post tells me you can’t contain your incoherent anger, or maintain a train of thought long enough to compose proper sentences.

      My LAST bar mitzvah? How many does one get?

      100% pro Israel, eh? So, you approve of the policies of the state with regard to the Palestinians?

      I said it before, and your foot stomping sputtering insistence changes nothing. No one needs god to know right from wrong. You might have a look at some rather bright folks – Jews, even – who had no need of magical sky wizards in order to live ethical lives: Albert Einstein and Baruch Spinoza.

      The teabaggers, you ignorant coont, are the offspring of Dick Armey. Nothing that man touches is remotely grassroots.
      What the fuck that has to do with Nancy Pelosi is beyond me. You really are a sputtering nutbar, leaping from paranoid delusion to obsessive bogie man, aintcha?

      I have no idea what the fuck you’re talking about – “…ok to call for the murder of US troops…” – and I don’t think you have any clear idea what the fuck you’re talking about either.

      It’s not my fault you’re too stupid and freaky to get your head around sarcasm and satire. Of course, that’s the sort of tactic you right wing pants wetters love anyway – inventing shit over which to tie your panties in knots.

      If you have some sort of constructive critique, by which I mean one that’s remotely rational and not just a bunch of screaming, spittle-flecked, blithering insanity (like all your comments thus far), feel free to have another go. Otherwise (and I’m sure you’re too far gone round the bend to recognize it) you’re just more proof of the shallow, ignorant, racist, backward, uniformed, yammering batshit insanity the conservative right has become.

  36. astroturf teabaggers

    Are you the last stand for Nancy Pelosi? Is this blog the last 18% morons that like the bitch?

  37. “Ethic Violations?”
    Do tell…So, in your world it is OK to call for the MURDER of US troops??

    Can you answer that, without all of the Alinsky shit? Like maybe saying “It was wrong of them” OR, “I am against the war, and it was wrong the way those bitches did that” ?? Is that impossible without screaming and the flaming?

    • Your messages are incoherent, I strongly advise you to reword them in order for us to understand why we hate you and your wrong opinions of things.

  38. In A Sane World, We’d Just Kill Glenn Beck<<<<

    People would like to say that about Obama, but hold their tongue, and you talk about "ethics?" and call ME 'insane?'

    • I’d like to point out that I have never called you insane. I respect your opinion. It’s kind of weird, I feel, like, this sort of connection to you… I don’t know, it’s probably nothing… Would you like to meet sometime? Maybe over latkas? You just seem so… Genuine. i feel like I can tell you anything. I… I love you.

  39. Otherwise (and I’m sure you’re too far gone round the bend to recognize it) you’re just more proof of the shallow, ignorant, racist, backward, uniformed, yammering batshit insanity the conservative right has become.
    ———————It is your ideology that is wanting the ‘death’ and ‘killing’ of Beck.

    You have seen the enemy, the enemy is you, and it is making you sick. So, the ONLY thing you have left is to flame on and on with the ‘you’re a racist, hater, uninformed……All just horseshit when you cannot think of anything else to say.

    “Constructive critique?” Nobody can constructively debate or blog with a koo-koo that cannot produce anything but try to polarize a debator.

    As far as the place called ‘palestine’ they have a country that was given to them called the Trans Jordan, which they refuse to take.

    “The conservative right has become?” sorry, sugar, I have been a right wing conservative my whole life, it is you that thinks we have ‘become’ something- we were there all the time, being silenced and unjustly accused for being all of the things in the above aforementioned.

    I suppose you all think we are just GOP bots as well. I thought liberalism didnt generalize and stereotype…..

    • It doesn’t generalize or stereotype. At least, I don’t. I judge based on evidence.
      The teabaggers have revealed what lies at the core of their nonsensical frustration and rage. And you’ve posted about a dozen twisted, yammering screeds, none of which make much sense. What they appear to be are the disjointed rantings of a stunningly ignorant, very bitter and frustrated person who just doesn’t think very well. You’ve clearly found what feels, to you, like a welcoming and comforting niche – the Beckers and Baggers – where your unfocused, overwhelming fears are given objective focus. That it’s all just paranoid fantasy wrapped up in lies doesn’t even slow you down. You just absorb a patchwork of crazy, blithering sound bites and vomit them back out whenever you find someone who, unlike you, doesn’t require regular doses of anti-psychotic meds. Speaking of which, I think you may have skipped a pill or three.
      Tell me again about Saul Alinksy. LOL.
      Keep up the good work. You and the rest of the vocal minority – the screaming, hollering, backward “we’re taking our country back” crowd are doing great. Whatever you do, don’t ever let the sheer depth and breadth of your ignorance and hypocrisy give you pause.

      As for flaming, you silly coont, YOU’RE the one coming in here to publicly display your insanity. If you just realize you’re in over your head, shut the fuck up, and go rub some aloe on those vicious burns, I’ll stop frying you.

  40. Beck is making you sick using your own words as Frank Capra, the Hollywood director, did in the Why We Fight Series during the second world war, using the Nazis own words and films. Beck shows you how sick and brainwashed you are.

    Who is going to kill Beck? You? Its people on the right with the guns, and our trigger fingers get itchier every day as we see this corrupt government destroying what was once the greatest nation the world has known.

    • Oh goody! Another dogmatic teabagger.
      Anyone who thinks Glenn Beck is anything but a demented circus freak yammering lies…or what would be lies if he weren’t just dumb enough to believe his own bullshit…is, quite honestly, an imbecile.
      Itchy trigger fingers? I bet you spend plenty of time stroking your gun, eh? Touching it. Pretending.
      “You lookin’ at me? You must be lookin’ at me…I’m the only one here. You lookin’ at me?”
      The greatest nation ever known? Stolen by genocide, built on slavery, and can’t manage to provide health care to its citizens. Hell of a show you got there, Bubba.

      UPDATE: Greatt googly moogly! JTF is a follower of Meir Kahane! The crazy is strong with this one. Banned from Israeli politics for racism. That’s like being kicked out of NAMBLA for perversion.

      • Dogmatic is actually a pretty cool word. Like, if you were playing a racing game, you should be able to choose between Manual, Automatic, and Dogmatic. You get fucking pulled by dogs. You almost always lose.

        But it’s so ass-blasting Dogmatic.

  41. Meir Kahane? He didnt get banned for ‘racism’ he got banned because he would have taken over the Knesset.
    Hi JTF:) Great people and fighters against Jew hate.

    As for flaming, you silly coont, YOU’RE the one coming in here to publicly display your insanity. If you just realize you’re in over your head, shut the fuck up, and go rub some aloe on those vicious burns, I’ll stop frying you.
    ^^^^ Fry me? No, you are only showing total intolerence, angry spew, and hate mongering.

    Beck only shows people who Obama has in his admin., and what they are doing, if you hate what Beck is showing, than it is as I say, you are hating yourself.

    As I stated, the protests were OK when Code Pink and the “Fk America” crowd did it, but its not ok when God fearing, America loving patriots do it.
    You also write that you ‘love Shiksas?’ As I said, I pray to God that they stay FAR from you, look how you hate all over people. Just look at yourself. Your ‘tolerence’ is quite limited. Very sad 😦

    • Deluded, insane or just stupid. Certainly WRONG: Kahane founded both the Jewish Defense League (JDL) in the USA and Kach (“This is the Way!”), an Israeli political party. In 1984 he became a member of the Knesset when Kach gained one seat in parliamentary elections. In 1988, the Israeli government banned Kach as “racist” and “undemocratic” under the terms of an ad hoc law[2]. In 1994, following the Cave of the Patriarchs massacre perpetrated by a Kahane follower, Kach was outlawed completely.[3]

      Glenn Beck is an uneducated, unthinking liar who couldn’t fact check a grocery receipt.
      That you think the liquid shit that spews from his yammering trap is anything but twisted propaganda only reveals you as the sort of ignoramus who’s prepared to accept ANY justification, no matter how backward, ugly or false, for your frustration with reality…. as if that weren’t apparent from this steaming pile of blithering shit.

      • You can slow down now. You’ve succeeded in making the “do not automatically approve comments” list. Editing for Kitten Cock is now in effect.

      • Kahane was banned when polls showed he would have gained 12-14 seats and might become prime minister in the election after that. One Knesset memeber said if Kahane becomes prime minister, we wont be here any longer. Another responed of course we will still be here, but the first guy answered back ‘no, you dont understand. We wont be here any longer’

    • And another thing….!
      Intolerance? You seem to be labouring under the misapprehension that your right to an opinion obligates me to take you seriously.
      Coming from someone who disallows contrary comments on her own batshit insane blog, that’s pretty fucking high and tight.
      I’m not intolerant, you hypocritical shitbag. I’m dismissive. And for good reason. You’re stupid. You think every argument deserves hearing? You’re a bigger imbecile that I thought.
      You equate protesting an illegal, unjustified war America was lied into with the racist lies shouted at teabagger rallies???
      THAT coming from someone who blames Obama for her property taxes.
      And that is the fundamental problem: You’re too stupid to possibly know how stupid you are.

  42. I’m not intolerant, you hypocritical shitbag. I’m dismissive. And for good reason. You’re stupid. You think every argument deserves hearing? You’re a bigger imbecile that I thought.

    So when all else fails use Alinsky Rule 13: Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it. In conflict tactics there are certain rules that [should be regarded] as universalities. One is that the opposition must be singled out as the target and ‘frozen.’…

    So, call the person stupid. You didnt post on MY blog, so I didnt have to read you my rules.

    What ‘lie?’ about the war? You mean the war that the whole congress was ‘ignorant’ of, but went into anyway?
    You mean this really didnt happen: Sat., July 5, 2008
    Secret U.S. mission hauls uranium from Iraq

    I am not ‘stupid’ and you are just a very nasty person, look how you write, you are not dismissive, you are angry, hostile, even subtly suggesting death of a talk show host that is only showing what Van Jones, Stern, Dunn, etc have said. You are livid and scared because your diatribe of American hate and pro-Communism is being found out.
    ***MURDERING US TROOPS** is not acceptable. Having signs that say “FK MIDDLE AMERICA” is OK in your book?

    • You apparently enjoy putting words in my mouth in order to consider that you have a point.
      At the same time, you seem to enjoy quoting my words even as you stubbornly ignore their plain meaning.
      I think this is very strong evidence of the nature and degree of your neurosis.
      In any case, I have chosen to let your words speak for themselves.

    • Gourd-damnit, you mothercunt, stop fucking copy-and-pasting everything he motherpooping says, and make your own arguments. Oh wait, you can’t because Glenn Beck already flipped the killswitch to make all registered Republicans into ZOMBIES

  43. Glenn Beck is an uneducated, unthinking liar

    Beck is lying about what Anita Dunn? Van Jones? Andy Stern? Are you just not wanting to face the truth? What did he ‘lie’ about? Anita Dunn did say that she looks to MAO, Stern DID say that he wants to destroy America. These are not lies. I am not delusional. I know what I saw and heard, and that is why they left office. Stern is next. People dont want someone that wants to DESTROY their nation, and put in communism.
    Sorry, Chump, this nation just does not want to go THAT FAR LEFT.

    • That far left?
      Your talking about a country that is twisting itself in knots over whether or not to provide HEALTH CARE TO ITS CITIZENS – something every…EVERY…other industrialized nation does, does well, and for less money.
      Your talking about a country where profits are private but losses are picked up by the people; where the annual income of the richest 1% increased by over 400% over the past 20 years, while the median family income remained static.
      And you think the country is moving left?
      How might it possibly move right?

      Enable every woman who can work to take her place on the labour front, under the principle of equal pay for equal work.
      Explain to me why one ought not find that thought inspiring.

      “Have you saved all the women alive? Kill every male among the little ones, and kill every woman that hath known man by lying with him. But all the women children, that have not known a man by lying with him, keep alive for yourselves.”
      Explain to me why one ought not find that repulsive.

      As I said, you’re too fucking stupid to possibly comprehend how fucking stupid you are.

    • I too shall criticize you hilariously. My favorite quote = “I am not delusional.” That’s just what a delusional person WOULD say.

      You capitalized Chump as if you were addressing a person by their actual name. If anywhere in the world there is a person unfortunate enough to have been named such a disheartening thing, may Krishna have mercy on their soul… Seriously. Mercy. Krishna. Spoonk.

      Also, America isn’t even a WORD, so I don’t know why you keep mentioning it

  44. Glenn Beck isnt crazy and if he is a liar, that makes you all liars since he uses your own speeches and quotes against you. You are the enemies of America and in a saner world you would not exist.
    As for taking from the Injuns, the strong always dominate the weak and the smart dominate the strong.
    As for Rabbi Kahane, the Israeli government knew they had to get rid of him since his one seat was moving the entire nation to the right and polls showed he would have 12-14 seats in the next election and they figured enough to be prime minister in the one after that. If that happened, that would have meant the corrupt government would have done away with, literally.

    (emphasis added – Avi)

    • Res ipsa loquitur.

    • By your own dipshit logic, just like the “Injuns” were, Kahane and his followers must have been weak and/or stupid to have been dominated and shut down like that. Thus, they deserve all the contempt and mistreatment that can be hurled upon them for the next several centuries.

      How’s that for using your words against you? And I didn’t even have to selectively edit. You just handed it to me on a silver platter like a complete fucktard who apparently deserves to be the victim of a genocide.

      We can only hope.

  45. Healthcare is not a function of the federal governemt. Our Constitution gives the federal government very limited powers. Power coes from the people and the states. If a state wants healthcare that is their right. We are supposed to be 50 sovereign states and the key word is sovereign. The federal govt is to defend us, coin money, run a post office, regulate interstate commerce, impose tariffs and make treaties.

    • That’s rich. Narrow constitutional interpretation from an imbecile. Listen, junior…I WENT to law school, and before you contradict yourself any further, the US Constitution states in the fucking PREAMBLE:

      “We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

      If ANYTHING could possibly be understood to promote THE GENERAL WELFARE, seeing a goddamn doctor when you’re sick without losing your home might well be considered four fucking square inside the edges.
      Don’t waste your ridiculous cunting time trying to explain what YOU think the constitution delineates. I happen to KNOW.
      I’ve also seen your site, and the pathetic, embarrassing, racist, ignorant, paranoid, fucktarded shit you post and link.
      You are anathema to everything and anything that might be considered a proper, respectable Jew. You are a shondah.

  46. JTF says: You are the enemies of America and in a saner world you would not exist.
    ———–Ah, when someone says it TO you, you get upset.. What a whiner.
    And you people are the ones in power…. whaah, na na na na na na… “Your a RACIST! YOUR A HATER” This must look really good to our enemies…the left wing always crying and dividing.
    JTF you are very right, WHO WANTS these peoples ‘govt’ that wants ABSOLUTE control over our lives…

  47. ‘I WENT to law school’

    And they didnt teach you to not instigate murder of people that do not agree with you??

    • You don’t understand the word instigate.

      And bloggers, along with everyone else, are permitted their free speech EVEN IF they hate America, you ignorant slut.

  48. I am not impressed that you are a lawyer. In todays school system that carries as much weight as latrine digger. The preamble is not the Constitution.

    • The preamble IS PART of the Constitution, just like the 1st Amendment is part of the Constitution. That you don’t know that only further reveals how poorly educated you are…in addition to being stupid.

  49. You are the type Kike that would have gone right along with the Nazis right up until the time they put you in the gas chamber.

  50. I am Judy, you showed up in my sisters stats.

    Whte Devil is a Jewish man whose sister was raped and cousin raped by black men.

    You are a Jew? No wonder they want to throw us in the ovens, and talk about Marxist plots.

    • You’re right. We should kill all the black people because of what happened to your sister. Your racism is clearly justified.
      Now, about Bernie Madoff…

  51. The number 3 ranking Dem in the House, a Schvartze, said that the healthcare bill is unconstitutional. He went on to say that most of what we do here is unconstitutional.

  52. Madoff ?? LOL He is a HERO. He Bk’d some of the most EVIL JINO in the planet, what are you crying about?
    You might want to LOOK at the person YOU allow to post here, btw:
    Stormfront – I’ve had enough of the BS anymore…

    I certainly hope that you do not go in the way of that self-hating Jew that is nazi and a freak.

    BTW: you brought up the Torah, God said “IF” IF the enemy didnt obey, THEN he allowed Israel to take out their enemy—IF.

    • You’re insane. And I mean that in the pure legal sense – you haven’t the ability to distinguish between right and wrong.

  53. Bernie Madoff is a national hero, bankrupting or nearly bankrupting many left wing organizations and people.

    • Fuck this. I’m gonna bury you in the same hole as Beck. Like Joe Pesci and his brother in Casino.

  54. Cousin
    I wouldnt try it. I was a professional leg breaker for the JDL, sweetheart, pansy.

    • LMAO. A pro, eh? Paid leg breaker. Hehe.
      Femurs or tibias? Patellas! You seem like a kneecapper to me…or a knee bender. Scuffy knees one way or another.
      Listen, you stunted fucktard. In addition to being dumber than a fucking stump, your firewall tough guy bullshit amounts to something less than a weak stream of piss. I’m in TAIWAN, you blithering shit stain. Are you proposing to come find me?
      LOL. Here’s hoping. Bring your super-secret Meir Kahane JDL decoder ring.

    • I just want to point out that saying sweetheart, then subsequently calling the same person pansy, in the same sentence, completely negates the threat. For example, if you shoot yourself in the side of the head, then shoot yourself on the other side, it cancels out and you live to be 106.

  55. “As far as the place called ‘palestine’ they have a country that was given to them called the Trans Jordan, which they refuse to take.” – Mad Jewess

    The Trans Jordan is not a country. It the fastest train in the Middle East. The fact that Palestinians refuse to take it shows that they have no interest in efficient mass transportation, which justifies keeping them trapped behind walls. Meanwhile, it is blazingly obvious Mad Jewess rides the Crazy Train on a daily basis, which allows to travel freely across America.

    I love a good train joke.

  56. First of all, the Palestinian Arabs do have a state. Its called Jordan. During the League of Nations Mandate period, the land originally set aside by the League of Nations as the Palestine Mandate was supposed to provide for a national home for the Jewish people. The British were given the authority to manage the Mandate and help the Jews make the transition to independence. Instead, almost 80% of the original Mandate land was carved out and arbitrarily made into the Arab country of Trans-Jordan (later renamed Jordan). In all the land of the Mandate east of the Jordan River it was “No Jews Allowed”. West of the Jordan, the 20% part of the Mandate, the British restricted Jewish immigration and gradually adopted policies that were more and more pro-Arab. Palestinian Arabs are the majority of the population of Jordan even today.

  57. Low IQ? I wasnt the one who spelled ‘You’re’ as ‘Your’. Also, my IQ is somewhere between 147 and 189 depending upon which test you believe.

    Yes, Jake Cohen and I would be sent to smash knee caps, but that was many years ago.

    • LOL. Fuck off, you jizz gobbling internet pussy. Your cereal box IQ test…blow it out your shofar.
      Fucking right wing racist Meir Kahane fucktard.

  58. Take a close look at this PRESENT DAY MAP of the Middle East in which you can see that 22 Arab and/or Muslim [Iran is not considered Arab] nations completely engulf Israel. If someone can explain to me how “expansionist Israel” has “taken over” the Middle East, please email me! The Arab countries occupy 640 times the land mass as does Israel and outnumber the Jews of Israel by nearly fifty to one. So much for Arab propaganda!

    NOTE TO themadjewess from cousinavi: This blog is NOT the place for your ranting Israeli history lesson and obsessive, single-issue propaganda. You have your own blog for that. If your topics are not on point, and unrelated to anything reasonably connected to the discussion in the thread, your posts will be deleted. You and your Meir Kahane pals are tough enough to put up with – your sick reasoning, twisted rants, racism and weak ass straw man bullshit is annoying. You will not waste my or others time around here with any more crap like this. On point, or fuck off. Got it?

    • NOTE TO themadjewess from cousinavi: This blog is NOT the place for your ranting Israeli history lesson and obsessive, single-issue propaganda. You have your own blog for that. If your topics are not on point, and unrelated to anything reasonably connected to the discussion in the thread, your posts will be deleted. You and your Meir Kahane pals are tough enough to put up with – your sick reasoning, twisted rants, racism and weak ass straw man bullshit is annoying. You will not waste my or others time around here with any more crap like this. On point, or fuck off. Got it?

  59. OK, I gave you a chance to redeem yourself, you declined, so back up your post goes.

    • Oooh. Threats. I’ve been threatened with a counter post on a blog! Eeek!
      Listen, you stupid cunt. You’re an ugly racist yammering stupidity and have been since you jumped in here to defend Glenn Beck. You’ve revealed yourself as obsessive, ignorant, myopically single-issue, hypocritical and plainly not up to the level of reason required to engage in anything remotely resembling rational debate.
      So, please…FUCK OFF. Go shout on in the dark little corner of the net you call home and stay the fuck off my lawn, you constipated piece of shit.

  60. A lovely ejection of an annoying irrational visitor. Bravo!

  61. Oh, Is Glenn Beck what we’re talking about here? I forgot. Do you see the insanity the mere discussion of Beck provokes?

    But is funny how so many discussions of insanity lead to arguments about Israel.

  62. The JTF..the Jewish version of Stormfront. The people who refer to Blacks as “apes” and “bipeds.” The ones who openly wish for the return of apartheid to South Africa and who also openly praise pieces of shit like Falwell and Helms.

    Oh, they do like SOME Blacks…just as long as they know their place…Clarence Thomas, Alan Keyes, Pastor Manning…

    Hey JTF…my wife is a Irish shikse…how does that grab you?

    • It is stunning, eh? Growing up as the only Jews in a small town, it never occurred to me that Jews could be just as ugly, racist, ignorant and closed-minded as anyone else. I had a rather myopic view that my people were peaceful, dedicated to scholarship and science…the sort of people who lived up to those stories I was told about the Rabbi representing the servant in court after his wife accused the girl of theft; students striking to ensure Arabs were not charged higher tuition than Jews.
      Then backward fuckwits like this come along and shame the entire gene pool.

    • Tell her to know her damn role and go clean something

  63. CousinAvi
    Jews like you are the reason that normal white Americans hate Jews. You exemplify the typical Bolshevik Jew, making normal people think that Bolshevik and Jew is one word.

    • @ JTF

      I think I see your problem. You believe “normal white Americans” hate Jews…and you need a reason why. You don’t understand that your premise is fucked up.
      You experience hatred because you’re such a despicable, ignorant, backward, racist fuckwit. You can’t imagine why someone of your charming disposition could be so loathed, so you toss it off on, “They hate me because I’m Jewish!”
      You’re like that kid I went to summer camp with: “Th-th-th-th-they w-w-w-w-wouldn’t give m-mm-mm-mm-mo a j-j-j-job in rrrrrrrrrrrrrradio because I’m J-J-J-Jewish!”
      They don’t hate Jews, man. They just hate you.

  64. It’s further evidence to me that there is no definitive Jew, or definitive Arab or definitive African or definitive fill-in-the-blank. There is a range of person within all cultures.

    There may be great gaps or variances in what some nations/cultures do, or are willing to accept, but within those cultures, people occupy comparable positions.

    For example, a right wing, religious Islamic nutbar occupies the same position in his culture as a right wing religious nutbar in America. They may be very different in specific opinions and tactics, but they play the same role within their own culture. In this example, they both have fundamentalist religious viewpoints they want to impose on the majority. They also have little hesitation about resort to violence to solve their problems.

    In many ways, radical Jews have more in common with their radical Palestinian enemies than each has with the rest of their own ethnic group. They both want to bully the rest of the population into using violence to achieve their ends, which only encourages a violent response from the other which only…etc, etc. Perhaps the biggest difference is in what their respective societies are willing to tolerate and the tactics/options available to them.

    And -to stay on topic- Glenn Beck is a fucktard and a political entertainer. Anybody who treats him seriously is a fool.

  65. >>JTF, on March 10, 2010 at 1:45 am Said:

    Jews like you are the reason that normal white Americans hate Jews. You exemplify the typical Bolshevik Jew, making normal people think that Bolshevik and Jew is one word.<<

    I'm a 60's radical. Sorry, but I admire a Jew like Abbie Hoffman more than pieces of dreck like Kahane, Chaim ben Pesach and his goons.

    According to the JTF, any Jew who marched for civil rights in the 60s is a self-hating Jew.They are openly praying that Ruth Bader Ginsburg has a painful death because they consider her to be a self-hating Jew.

    No wonder they like BecKKK. He's a racist like they are.

  66. CousinAvi
    You have that wrong. I am a Jew. You are a Kike. There will always be people that just plain hate Jews, but most that hate Jews are because Jews are Bolsheviks.

    Are you scared to post my comments because you are afraid to face the enemy and the enemy is you?

    • Not at all. Your comments are posted. I love watching you display your racist hatred, stunted ignorance, poor education, blithering projection and self-serving falsehoods in public.
      Particularly impressed that you’re a former JDL tough guy leg breaker he-man. Like that wrestler Goldberg…one tough motherfuckin’ Hebe.
      Also love how you call other Jews “Kikes”. You’re a mensch.

  67. The JTF is not the version of S.F., we believe in protecting Jews, even pansy ass wuss’s like you, SDL.

    Abbie Hoffman, Jerry Rubin, Mark Rudd did more to promote Jew-hatred than any other Jews out there.

    Where was Hoffman when the Neo-Nazis were marching through Skokie, Ill in the 70’s, when the kikes in the ACLU fought for the Nazis right to march through Holocaust survivors town??
    He wasn’t there, Kahane was.

    You Kikes may as well have murdered Rabbi Kahane when you stood there and said “He does not represent us” Thats a kike for you, and Kahane was there to kick the crap out of ANY Nazi that would dare march—and so they didnt march.

    Keep it up with your promotion of fag-marriage, turning a blind eye to whites in this nation while the stats go up on black on white crime. This Christian nation will turn on all of us, because of you kikes, and send us to the chambers on Flatbush Ave.

    • Does anyone believe this guy? Out of one mouth lamenting hatred of Jews, out of the other hating blacks.
      It’s not even possible to be more hypocritical, antithetical, backward, stupid, imbecilic than this.
      Fag marriage?
      I think someone’s Freudian slip is showing.
      Or, in this case, Freudian tefillin. Someone wants to be bound with leather.

      Abbie Hoffman, Jerry Rubin, Mark Rudd did more to promote Jew-hatred than any other Jews out there.

      Yeah, but Leonard Cohen, Mordechai Richler, William Shatner and Sammy Davis Jr. more than make up for that.
      Well…maybe not Shatner.

  68. You keep going on about Schvartzes, but I notice that you married a nice white Irish girl. Why did you not marry a Negro?

    Also, since you are not a racist, tell me where you live in Harlem.

    • YEAH, SDL! Why DIDN’T you marry a black girl? Or an Asian? You fell in love with a white girl, so you’re just a fucking racist!
      And the only people who aren’t racists live in Harlem! So, unless you live in Harlem, tossing around racial epithets is just, like, being honest. Because everyone hates Jews.

      (And this fuckwit calls ME self-loathing! LOL!)
      I swear to left-handed aardvarks…five fucking minutes in a room alone with this ignorant piece of shit = problem solved.

  69. If you are not racist, why didnt you marry a Negro? Do you have something against them, after all of their contributions to society. I cant think of one right now, but give me 3 weeks and I will come up with something.

    Just out of curiosity, just what do you have in common with black people?

  70. JTF..I can see you momzers have a lot in common with Stormfront as far as I am concerned.. You both hate minorities, both supported apartheid in South Africa and Jim Crow laws in the American South. You probably applauded the murder of Schwerner & Goodman as well.

    You can call me a self-hating kike all you want. I have been one and i admit it. One time I took a test and I fucked up a few questions. Yes, I hated myself for messing up, so you can say I was a SELF-HATING Jew that day.

    As for my wife..she may be Irish, but my mother didn’t care what she was. If it makes you happy, some fellow landsmen at school gave me grief for dating her.

    “Fag marriage.” What if two gay Jews want to marry?

  71. I see most of your Schvartze inventors seem to have Jewish last names. I noticed that one of them know how to fold a cot. How novel.

    Jews have an avg IQ of 115, blacks 70 on a good day. Jews work on ever faster microchips while blacks are still trying to figure out the potatochip. I am not on welfare, blacks…. I am legitimate, blacks…..
    How many Jews do you know on welfare and food stamps? How many Jews are confused as to who their father is on Fathers Day? How many Jewish siblings all have different last names, though living with their mother? Did they dumb the NYPD entrance exam down 7 times for Jews??

    • @ JFT:

      Jews have an avg IQ of 115, blacks 70 on a good day

      Citation needed; validity of IQ tests questioned; cultural bias from start to finish apparent.
      Congratulations! You qualify to study with Phillip Rushton.

      I am legitimate, blacks

      You can’t possibly KNOW this. Your mother may have hooked up with one of those Ethiopians. Hell, YOUR mother could have hooked up with anyone.

      How many Jews do you know on welfare and food stamps?

      These are your points of diversion? Nothing inherent, mere social consequences derived from historical circumstance.
      And you try to pass shit like this off as reason? HAH!
      You would have gone far working for Goebbels.

      Schwerner and Goodman got what they deserved.

      And so will you, you hateful piece of shit. 🙂

  72. SDL
    Schwerner and Goodman got what they deserved. What were Bolshevik Kikes doing deep in the south worrying about others when they should be worrying about their own.

    Leviticus 18:22 Fags are an abomination against God.

    By the way, StormFront has aligned themselves with Schvartzes againt you.

    • StormFront has aligned themselves with Schvartzes


      Re: Leviticus

      1. When I burn a bull on the altar as a sacrifice, I know it creates a
      pleasing odour for the Lord – Lev.1:9. The problem is my neighbours. They
      claim the odour is not pleasing to them. Should I smite them?

      2. I would like to sell my daughter into slavery, as sanctioned in Exodus
      21:7. In this day and age, what do you think would be a fair price for her?

      3. I know that I am allowed no contact with a woman while she is in her
      period of menstrual uncleanliness – Lev.15: 19-24. The problem is how do I
      tell? I have tried asking, but most women take offence.

      4. Lev. 25:44 states that I may indeed possess slaves, both male and
      female, provided they are purchased from neighbouring nations. A
      friend of mine claims that this applies to Mexicans, but not
      Canadians. Can you clarify? Why can’t I own Canadians?

      5. I have a neighbour who insists on working on the Sabbath. Exodus 35:2.
      The passage clearly states he should be put to death. Am I morally obligated
      to kill him myself?

      6. A friend of mine feels that even though eating shellfish is an
      abomination – Lev. 11:10, it is a lesser abomination than homosexuality. I
      don’t agree. Can you settle this? Are there ‘degrees’ of abomination?

      7. Lev. 21:20 states that I may not approach the altar of God if I have a
      defect in my sight. I have to admit that I wear reading glasses. Does my
      vision have to be 20/20, or is there some wiggle room here?

      8. Most of my male friends get their hair trimmed, including the hair
      around their temples, even though this is expressly forbidden by Lev.19:27.
      How should they die?

      9. I know from Lev. 11:6-8 that touching the skin of a dead pig makes me
      unclean, but may I still play football if I wear gloves?

      10. My uncle has a farm. He violates Lev. 19:19 by planting two different
      crops in the same field, as does his wife by wearing garments made of two
      different kinds of thread (cotton/polyester blend). He also tends to curse
      and blaspheme a lot. Is it really necessary that we go to all the trouble of
      getting the whole town together to stone them? – Lev.24:10-16. Couldn’t we
      just burn them to death at a private family affair like we do with people
      who sleep with their in-laws? (Lev. 20:14)

  73. Cousin
    Why is an Atheist bringing up the Torah. Are you a Jew or an Atheist. You seem confused.

    • I am an anti-theist. It does not surprise me that you would believe someone who doesn’t share your bigoted, dogmatic world view could not know your books. Especially an ERAV RAV like me…just keeping up the mitzvos and in it for money.
      And the lox. I fuckin’ LOVE smoked salmon.

  74. We live in America not Israel. What does Haaretz have to do with over here?
    You are old enough to know about the IQ tests. In the 1970s blacks scored a yearly avg of 70. Totally embarrassed by that score, blacks called the tests racist. Funny that Chinese do well on those tests as do people from India

    • An oppressed culture less than 40 years removed from Brown v. Board of Education and Jim Crow laws, versus the academic results obtained by cultures each with long standing dedication to education and scholarship.

      Even if it there were such twisted raw data, no thinking person could ever fail to see the infinite list of drawbacks inherent in the nature of the measure. Trade out IQ tests for, say, curling. Based on curling results, you fucking yanks are consistently pretty fucking stupid (as if the penchant for revisionist history weren’t proof enough).

      Oh! You object? You were raised in Miami with your Buba and Zeda? You had no sheets…no rocks…? Suck it, Kahane boy. Conclusions will be drawn (that’s a pun) from your ability to spot and execute a double raise take-out.
      But no, so long as the result suits you, you’ll hack up any fucked up, biased, cart-before-the-horse bit of data you can find.

      Did you know that Hassids hear through their legs?
      I have scientific evidence!
      See…I had this Hassid. I put him on the floor and set off some fire crackers right behind him. He jumped about three feet in the air.
      Then I cut off his legs and set off some more fire crackers. He didn’t jump at all. Clearly, without legs, he couldn’t hear the firecrackers.

      You asshole.

      Nice to see you make yet a further distinction between American Jews and Israeli Jews. American Jews are rich and never poor. And if any Israeli Jews are poor and on welfare, that just totally supports your argument that Jews are not poor and on welfare. In fact, let’s just dismiss the entire history of poverty stricken Eastern European Jewry so we can make out your Super Jews in America argument.

      Another shining example of the sort of reasoning you employ and upon which you rely.
      Keep going. I’d be hard pressed to expose you with any more accuracy than you eagerly provide.

  75. Cousin
    I dont go into neighborhoods where everyone hates me to help out someone else who hates me.
    A man has got to know him limitations. Isnt that right, boy?

    • Sure you do. People hate you wherever you go. You just never go anywhere to help anyone. Ever.

      You wonder why people take an instant dislike to you, and assume it’s because you’re Jewish. It’s not. It just saves the time it would take to get to know you.

      Call me boy to my face someday. See what happens to you, internet tough guy leg breaker Mossad agent.

  76. To JTF…

    So Schwerner & Goodman got what they deserved. I’d bet you’d have patted the KKKers on the back, right?

    Kind of funny that Kahanists don’t think that Jerry Falwell was a bad guy. What was that ol’ Jerry said? Something about when the anti-Christ comes he’ll be a an Israeli Jew…

  77. you are softening, jtf. your prickly false exterior is falling away. you assume that there are places where everybody hates you – but that just makes life easy for you, as avi said. Why not try some volunteer work? you would be so appreciated it would surprise you.

  78. Indians wash in the same river that elephants pee in so just how advanced is that, yet they do well in IQ tests. Blacks cant, with few exceptions. They are a physical people, obviously not a mental group.

  79. Only Bolsheviks hate me. Normal Americans and right wing Jews love me. How many Americans have to ask ‘Why arent all Jews like you’ before you realize that its you Bolshevik Kikes that cause most of the anti semitism.

    Have you moved to Harlem yet, boy?

    • 10:26 – 10:30 – 10:32…you’ve been taking The Mad Jewess’ course on effective internet communications, haven’t you?
      More! Faster! I can smell your frustration from here.

      So that’s your reasoning, is it? Anyone who hates you is a Bolshevik. LMAO. I told you, internet tough guy. Everyone hates you…it saves time.

      You should stay the fuck away from the VA. Those people have done and suffered enough. I can understand why your wife would enjoy that. Must be nice for her to experience the company of real men.

      That you equate religious ritual in the Ganges as something IN SPITE OF WHICH Indians can score highly on IQ tests – that you relate the two things – is yet another revealing feature of how you think.
      On that note, you ignorant, racist, little freak, you have worn out your welcome here. Absent some sort of on-topic, relevant comment, you are no longer going to post muddled, stunted, thoughtless, uneducated, embarrassing, hateful, brainless shit. Since you are plainly incapable of anything else, that makes this rather more or less, “Bye and go fuck yourself.”

      (ROFL! Dark Enchantress? LMAO! The things you boonies Kansas Jews will do for fun!)

  80. Banyon
    I do voluteer work. With my wife, I do shows at the V.A. and assisted living, where the last of the greatest generation this nation ever had or ever will have are spending their last days.

  81. JTF…

    Seems to me YOU are the abnormal landsman here.

    What to you is a Normal American? One who is White and right-wing?

  82. Cousinavi,

    Curling jokes, Leviticus quotes… and mentioning Phillip Rushton…man, my sides are splitting!!!

    And JTF’s “normal American” was pretty fucking hilarious too.

    The idea that he can’t see that his darling Christian fundies are the ones MOST interested in hating/eliminating Jews, either by Jew-hating racism or by conversion, is as funny as it is sad. To right wing Christians, Jews are only to be tolerated because they need to be converted for some 2nd coming mumbo-jumbo. To them, the state of Israel is merely a vehicle for Christian prophecy. They might be more interested in cultural genocide than the Arabs.

    Like I said above, this is a case of radical enemies having more in common than with members of their own ethnic group.

    JTF does score a near miss with the comments that Lefty & agnostic Jews are strongly hated. But most of the hate comes from RIGHT-WING CHRISTIANS. They’d hate them irregardless of their Jewishness. They hate anything to the left of them including, if need be, Jesus.

    That people like JTF adopt the beliefs of right wing Christians as the definitive measuring stick is evidence of their own self-hatred and desperation.

  83. Christians are the biggest supporters of the Jewish people and Israel.
    Where do you people get this crap??
    Have you not head of CUFI? “Christians United For Israel?
    All of the Evangelical leaders are pro-Israel, and send money there.
    You might want to check, however, The Huffington Post, and many left wing sites, they hate Israel and they hate the Jewish people.

  84. Also, David Manning has done 2 interviews with 2 members of our movement. We fully support Alan Keyes, because he is a Conservative and moral. We endorsed Alan Keyes for President.
    We also endorse LT. Col. Alan West.
    Good blacks that are moral, Christian and conservative, there is no problem with.

    However, you do have a problem with that, because you like to keep blacks in slave houses and call it the “Projects”

  85. >>JTF, on March 11, 2010 at 2:58 am Said:

    *Christians are the biggest supporters of the Jewish people*and Israel.
    Where do you people get this crap??
    Have you not head of CUFI? “Christians United For Israel?
    All of the Evangelical leaders are pro-Israel, and send money there.<<

    “The Antichrist is probably a Jew alive in Israel today."–Pat Robertson

    "God doesn't listen to Jews."—Jerry Falwell

    "If you're not a born-again Christian, you're a failure as a human being."—Jerry Falwell

    "God does not hear the prayer of a Jew."–Dr. Homer Bailey Smith, President of the Southern Baptist Convention.

    Here's another tidbit about the JTF. After Amadou Diallo was shot 41 times by the NYPD (he was unarmed), the JTF praised the cops and said that Diallo was a "black Nazi Muslim.

  86. So, are you freely admitting that you are anti-Christian?
    You think all Christians just listen only to Falwell (who is dead?)

    All of my friends are Christian, for over 50 years, and I am 62 now.

    Broad generalization. At least I am pointing out good blacks, look at your hatred for Christians.

    We are in the Galut, we are only guests here, you should learn to properly conduct yourself, this is not a Jewish nation, it is Christian. You can argue that one until you are blue in the face, but answer me why their are more churches and graveyards with crosses on them than any other country in the world.

    You know that David Duke hates the exact same Christians as you? How novel.

    • @ JTF

      America is NOT “a Christian nation.”
      Read the constitution. The United States is a secular nation, and its founding document makes that perfectly clear (as do vast amounts of personal correspondence in the hands of the founding fathers).
      That there are more Christians, taken all together, than any other group is irrelevant. There are more atheists than Catholics, Protestants, Episcopalians, Muslims, Snake handlers or any other sect.
      Clearly, in addition to being stubbornly racist, you are insistently ignorant of simple historical and political fact. What a surprise. Who would ever have thought that someone so stunted and ugly in their thinking would have a twisted world view and be stone ignorant of facts. Let me get my shocked face on.

  87. America is NOT a secular nation. 9 of the 13 states had official state religions. Congress didnt want a national religion but official state religions were kosher.

    • America USED to have slavery and women couldn’t vote, either.
      There are no state religions, and the state is legally barred from preferring one faith over another.
      Stop being obtuse. The contortions in which you engage in order to construct a flimsy facade of support for the ugly lies you seem to need to spout would embarrass any thinking person. It’s really rather sad and pathetic – the twisted arguments you drag around. You not only openly display a shocking degree of stupidity, but you’re stubborn about it.
      READ THE CONSTITUTION, you blithering, ignorant, racist fuckwit. Of course, that might not help someone who’s too fucking boneheaded to understand that the preamble forms part of the document.
      Here’s a better question for you, you brainless fucktard: What legal rights do you have that AREN’T in the constitution?
      Frankly, even though you’ve toned down the blatant racism, insistent stupidity mixed with outright lies will also get your ignorant ass kicked the fuck out of here. You add nothing to the discussion beyond petulant bullshit.

    • To put rather a finer point on it, you offer no evidence in support of your argument.
      The QUESTION is whether or not AMERICA is a “Christian Nation.”
      You submit that nine of 13 STATES had official religions (citation needed).
      The UNITED STATES is not the same thing as individual states. Thus, your factoid (even if true) is utterly irrelevant.
      Nor do you state what the official state religions are. For the sake of argument, let’s imagine that they were as follows: Quaker, 7th Day Adventist, Presbyterian, Protestant, Catholic, Lutheran, Anabaptist, Pentecostal and Anglican…and pick a couple of others – I can’t be bothered. Given that at least some of these sects view the others at Satanic blasphemers doomed to eternal hell, how then could you argue that there was any sort of unity in the foundation of the country? An honest person would admit that they can’t…but an honest person wouldn’t have made the stupid, fucked up argument you submit to begin with.
      The facts are clear, and plain to anyone who bothers to actually LEARN about the history of the United States (as opposed to yammer lies in furtherance of frankly unsupportable propositions). Such tactics only further reveal – not that such is necessary…your hatred and racism is plain enough – that your motives are unrelated to truth. You have contemptible ends, and are quite obviously willing to say anything to promote them.

  88. @ JTF. I must be anti-Christian…you said so. You and the JTF on the other hand, are nothing but racist pieces of dreck. I stand on my belief that the JTF is the Jewish version of the KKK.

    If disliking racist bigots like Jerry Fartwell–oops–Falwell makes me anti-Christian in your eyes…so be it. Funny that Christians worldwide regard Falwell, Robertson, Hagee and Dobson as embarrassment to their faith. I notice you didn’t say anything about the anti-Semitic comments I posted.

    MY father was a Shoah survivor. He certainly would have been made nauseous by you. He had views you would have hated. My mother’s mother was a union leader in the early 1900s, which would have made her a “Bolshevik kike” in your eyes. If my bubbe ever met you, she would have given you such a frosk in pisk…

  89. @ cousinavi

    Even Washington said so 🙂

    “As the government of the United States of America is NOT in any sense founded on the Christian Religion…” – Article XI of the English text of the Treaty of Tripoli, written by GEORGE WASHINGTON, approved by the U.S. Senate on June 7, 1797 and ratified by President John Adams on June 10, 1797.

  90. 1. Just try breaking the sabbath on a Sunday in 1790

    2. America was far better off when emotional women couldnt vote.

    3. Women should know their damn role and go clean something.

    4. Slavery was very wrong so in reparations, I propose sending them back to Africa with a one way ticket, all expenses paid.

    • 1. Just try breaking the sabbath on a Sunday in 1790

      People did it all the time.

      2. America was far better off when emotional women couldnt vote.

      Citation needed. Of course, though, it’s no surprise to see such a blindingly sexist, thoughtless, utterly non-factual, irrelevant comment coming from such a deep thinker. Where did I put my surprised face?

      3. Women should know their damn role and go clean something.

      You should know your damn role, get your bitter little ass out to the truck stop in El Dorado, get on your knees and get back to sucking cock for loose change.

      4. Slavery was very wrong so in reparations, I propose sending them back to Africa with a one way ticket, all expenses paid.

      I propose stringing you up like a pinata and beating you with Louisville Sluggers til your lungs hang out of your ass. Then we’ll box you up and ship you off to Israel, have a weaver work bits of your remains into prayer mats and distribute them at the Dome of the Rock, so devout Muslims can face Mecca, kneel on you and pray five times per day.

      Thanks for playing. Now fuck off, you ignorant piece of shit.

  91. The JTF view of things…

    Like minorities? You’re a self-hating kike.

    Support a woman’s right to choose? You’re a self-hating kike.

    Support gay marriage? You’re a self-hating kike.

    Didn’t vote for McCain/Palin? You’re a self-hating kike.

    I think I got it now. All you have to do is wear a white sheet and hood with the JTF logo on them. That’s what you momzers are.

    • @ SDL

      Yeah, there’s no need to refer to the DSM in order to figure out what must underpin such vicious and unrestrained spite and hatred. The projection is almost a caricature. I wonder what caused it. Could be something like catching his mother in bed with a black man; bring rejected by all the cute shiksas; not being able to competently fend off the bullies who teased him for wearing a yarmulke…all of the above? Whatever it is – and this is something my brother said which stuck with me and which I now QFT: Everyone has a right to be bitter. That doesn’t give you the right to go around inflicting it on other people.

  92. SDL
    So you admit that you are a self hating Kike.

    (Keep up the good work, SDL. He’s bringing out the big guns! Any minute now, he’ll post “I’m rubber and you’re glue…”
    – C.Avi)

  93. I think we’ve had enough of this idiot JTF on this site- his own words amply communicate what kind of stubborn idiot he is:

    “2. America was far better off when emotional women couldnt vote.

    3. Women should know their damn role and go clean something.

    4. Slavery was very wrong so in reparations, I propose sending them back to Africa with a one way ticket, all expenses paid.”

    first off, I wonder if JTF’s wife, whom he mentioned above does veterans shows with him, shares his demeaning views of herself with him. insane.

    second- in regards to repatriations- shouldn’t native Americans (who prefer to be called ‘First Nations’ people because where was Amerigio Vespucci for the first 12,000 years of them inhabiting the place) be offerring that deal to the caucasians so they can go back where THEY belong! HA-HA! I’m tired of this boring idiot.

    • Agreed. Besides, I think we wore him down to nothing. He’s just sobbing schoolyard insults now – it’s not even argument.
      Yes it is.
      No it isn’t.

  94. Banyan…JTF probably thinks that Native Americans are the same as “apes” and “bipeds”

    JTF: In your eyes, I’m a self-hating kike. From a schmuck like you that’s a compliment. Think Pat Robertson likes us Yids? Hell no! But go ahead and their he’s OUR friend. You ARE meshugge.

    Guys like JTF…they were the ones who told me when I started dating my wife that “shikses are only good for practice.” 21 years later, I guess I’m still practicing with her 😉

    JTF…tell everybody here what you Kahanists think about Amadou Diallo and Abner Louima.

  95. First, I apologize for posting without reading every single comment.

    I just had to point out that the MadJewess is batshit stupid.
    (Newsflash, amirite?)
    Everything she’s been saying sounds like it was typed from the hands of Beck himself, or at least whatever unpaid ghost writer he forces to write for him.
    Bringing up what she said about ‘fetus worshipers’ I can say this much: I was born to a fucking sixteen year old with a twenty seven year old father. They met in NA, dated for just over an hour or so. My life has been one stuggle after another just to get my head above water. Now I’m not saying I wish my mother had had an abortion, but damn, it REALLY would have saved her, and me, alot of bullshit and heartache.
    But I’m here now, so bygones be bygones and all that.

    Really I can’t fathom how people like MadJewess and JTF even bother posting here. ‘Hmmmm’ especialy. Either these people are trolls, or so self absorbed that they think a snarky comment will give us all pause for thought and make us rethink our political and spiritual associations.

    Please trolls, go away. Forever.

  96. To call madjewess (and the other JTF wingnuts) “batshit crazy” is an understatement.

    If you haven’t been to the JTF website, go ahead..It’ll scare the shit out of you. As I have said, the JTF is the Jewish version of Stormfront and some of their posters are off the edge. One example…Ruth bader Ginsburg has cancer, the JTFers are openly praying that she dies a slow and painful death. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has a form of leukemia..Again the JTF gives out the yemach shmo curse. Gee..did his team beat the Knicks one too many times?

    Madoff’s a hero? Tell that to the people (some of them retired JEWS) he swindled…

    Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley of KISS are Jewish. No doubt the JTF would find fault with them, too…

    • Or the ALL Jewish KISS tribute band:


      Nothing gets you in the mood to “rock n’ roll all night” like a good briss.

  97. Oooh, I found this site from my search for, “Glenn Beck Must Die.” Thank you. And oh, all you people talking smack about various religious groups—I think you need to find a different reason to justify your hate as bigotry is so last millenium. Judge the individual, especially one that loudly proclaims their silly opinions. It can be hard when the majority of the world believes in one magical sky fairy or another, but try, damn it!

    • Belief in a magical sky fairy…and the attached desire to inflict that deluded truth on others…that’s all I need to judge.
      Or, more to the point: No.

    • “I think you need to find a different reason to justify your hate as bigotry is so last millenium.” – Lee Lee

      Bigotry so “last millennium”? My first reaction is to say “Are you fucking high? Bigotry is everywhere these days.”

      After some thought, open bigotry probably is no longer popular amongst the trend setting elite. However, like mullets, it is still wildly popular in circles that ignore fashion trends.

      • My “can’t we all get along” was not directed at the rationalists. I confess to having skimmed through after the first few posts and saw some weird shit about jews, blacks , indians, etc. Pardon me for jumping in w/o reading the full text.
        High? No, not for about 10 years. My point is that bigotry a tad silly and unenlightened. Of course it’s all around but is not PC unless veiled thinly by pseudoscience or religious conservatism.

        • WTF? Do you even have any idea what you’re talking about?

        • Apparently I have no idea what you were talking about. My take was that you are not religious, and did not stomach zealots, assholes, and racist fuckwits. Perhaps I misread, or maybe in your opinion I fit in one of those groups. My first comments were in response to JTF’s appalling posts.
          MY point was that outright attacks on various demographics are outwardly frowned upon by “decent” society. The enlightened upwardly mobile would never call their neighbor a “faggot” to his face, but votes to ban homosexuals from marrying.

          Hey, I can relate to a lot of what you have to say. Your writing is thought provoking and entertaining. WTF? W/e.

  98. Wait, what the Hell is a Normal American?

  99. LeeLee

    Anybody who doesn’t share the same whacked out views as the JTF and similar groups…

  100. “In a sane world”????? You are truly deranged and evil to say that a man with differing opionions who has NEVER called for the death of another (except UBL) and DENOUNCES violence as a means to an end should be killed. Are you from Venezuela?? This is AMERICA…the land of the free. We all have the right to the 1st amendment you IDIOT.

    • It’s the blitheringly stupid people, Jessica…people like you – without the ability to comprehend hyperbole, especially when it drips from Beck’s clownish yap wrapped in lies and hatred – that are the problem with America. People like YOU, Jessica, make the 1st Amendment a curse, not a virtue.

    • And…with specific reference to your “Land of the Free” jingoistic tea party asshole horseshit: America was founded on genocide, built on slavery, and is arguably the most war-mongering gang of bastards in the history of human kind.
      Of course, you wouldn’t know the first fucking thing about Allende, or Mossadeq, or Haiti, or VENEZUELA, or Suharto, or East Timor, or Paraguay, or Uruguay or any of the disreputable, CRIMINAL shit the USA has been up to over the past century because you’re an ignorant Beck freak – emphasis on the word IGNORANT. You’re too stupid and ill-informed to even begin to know how stupid and ill-informed you are; the stunning depth of what you don’t know – your stone stunned batshit stupidity, sadly, only buttresses the conviction that you’re right. You’re pathetic. Now fuck off.

      • Okay, I have an actual response for you now; No. The MOST war-mongering? We don’t hold a candle to the Mongol’s chandelier, or the Viking’s raids, or EVERY OTHER CIVILIZATION EVER TO BE IN EXISTENCE. Nowadays, war is about reducing the amount of casualties (at least in the politician-who-wants-to-be-re-elected’s eyes it is), which wasn’t the case in past times. i’m assuming. I don’t really fucking know. But apparently historians do.

        Slavery is bad, but built on it? We were built on the promise of a new life and the glory of settling land for Great Britain. Then, they chose to be cocks, and we said “No taxation without motherfucking representation” (direct quote) and split that umbilical cord as it unraveled.

        You know, I respected you all throughout this, but I think, and this will sound weird ad unwarranted, you’re over-stressed. Everything is about the argument, you can’t have a bleeding laugh. That’s why you black-listed me- I don’t even know if you’re reading this. But I’d like to close by saying; The fuck?

        • 59 comments – the majority of which are blithering references to Kitten Cock?
          I read them, man. And I approved SOME of them.
          When you wanna go on a drunken blither, feel free. Just don’t get the idea that everything you type is gonna get posted. You’re welcome to waste YOUR time. My time is another thing. That’s THE FUCK.

    • Beck, while he can be, many times way off, he is a good man, and talks about non-violence, and Cousin Avi here would kill him… ‘in a sane world’

      Thats a ‘toLLLLerent” ‘Jew’ for ya

      • Not only does your English suck, even without regard for your incompetent punctuation, but you’re too fucking stupid to even be a good racist. As you boast about being a RACIST and proud of it, you bray that you love Italians…which isn’t a race, but a nationality. As if that degree of brainless imbecility weren’t enough, you go on to identify the SCOTS as a race (another NATIONALITY, you stupid, ugly, ignorant piece of slug shit).
        Too fucking stupid to even hate properly.
        And on top of it all, despite the grandiose and batshit insane nature of even your most tepid assertions and beliefs, you’re unable to identify hyperbole in response to a ridiculous clown act.
        There are no words to describe or define how fucking stupid you are, you vacuous, blithering bag of shit.
        And now you shall be told: On topic and worth reading or into the fucking trash you go. This, of course, means that there’s no point in wasting your time here. You’re not capable of identifying a topic, staying on it for a complete sentence, and you’ve never uttered a single fucking syllable that added a hint of a scent of anything even distantly orbiting what might be remotely considered thoughtful…so, as you’ve been told, fuck off you childish, ridiculous cunt. You’re an embarrassment to whatever pathetic mutant animals that suffered the poor fortune to have spawned you.

        • You are the reason that the world hates Jews and blames them and them only for Bolshevism. Just like an Irish man said that he was 16 before he learned that damned and British were 2 words, Bolshevik Jew or Bolshevik Kike just seem to fit together. While you reinforce that stereotype, I try to change it.

      • Oh, yeah. If there’s anybody who knows how to be tolerant, it’s you.

  101. Beck has been quoted as saying that Jews killed jesus.. He has also said he would KILL Michael Moore if he could.

    That your idea of “peaceful,” MadJewess? Must be, if you’re a fucking Kahanist!

    Meir Kahane=The Jewish version of Hitler

    • Give us the quote where Beck said that the Jews killed Jesus. Give us the quote and show where he said that Michael Moore should be killed.
      Beck is a strong Israeli supporter and always calls for non violence in the frame of Ghandi and Martin Lucifer King. Beck has even warned not to hit back when struck by a leftist. I could never follow that edict. If struck by a leftist I would kill.

      • But you took all those beatings from Mommy with a smile on your face.


        “Jesus conquered death. He wasn’t victimized. He chose to give his life. He did have a choice. If he was a victim, and this theology was true, then Jesus would have come back from the dead and made the the Jews pay for what they did.”


        BECK: Hang on, let me just tell you what I’m thinking. I’m thinking about killing Michael Moore, and I’m wondering if I could kill him myself, or if I would need to hire somebody to do it. No, I think I could. I think he could be looking me in the eye, you know, and I could just be choking the life out — is this wrong? I stopped wearing my What Would Jesus — band — Do, and I’ve lost all sense of right and wrong now. I used to be able to say, “Yeah, I’d kill Michael Moore,” and then I’d see the little band: What Would Jesus Do? And then I’d realize, “Oh, you wouldn’t kill Michael Moore. Or at least you wouldn’t choke him to death.” And you know, well, I’m not sure.

  102. @cousinavi

    Thank god there are people like you (and the other sane people on here) who can actually talk to people like the madjewess and others. I know I can’t. They are the reason this country is so poorly viewed upon. Racism seems to be making a comeback, along with stupidity and blind idol worship (Faux News and Beck).

    • Racism is what made this country great. We pushed all inferior races off to the side with the exceptions of the few that could compete. Diversity and Affirmative Action brought the curtain down om America.

      • David ben Moshe…

        You are a sick piece of dreck. You and your fellow Kahanists…keep it up. What I see on your forums is no different than what I see on the Stromfront page.

        I can see you momzers in Klan hoods with a Mogen David on them.

        You people are the gutless bullies.

        35 years ago, I dealt with you Kahanists in Boston when I went to hear Lea Tsemel speak. IIRC, we were laughing at you back then…

      • You know, maybe you’re right. Maybe we should start killing Jews again, but lets finish the job this time.

        Stupid fuck.

  103. Cousin Avi
    America is obviously not the country for you. We still have some sort of limited freedom here. Cuba or Gaza might be a far better place, far more to your liking, than the US.

    • You’re an ignorant, hateful, incompetent, unthinking, racist piece of shit who needs his balls booted up into his mouth.

      • Who’s a racist? I just don’t like inferior races.
        As for booting my balls into my mouth, some have tried and 1 or 2 have died. You never screw around with right wing Jews.

        • I can just see this asshole helping the KKK murder Schwerner, Chaney and Goodman…

          And what does Lea Tsemel have to do with my wife cleaning something?

  104. Woah, everyone got WAY off track… I thot this was about how Glenn Beck is a conspiracy theorist / motherfucking asscock?

  105. CousinAvi
    What were Schwerner and Goodman doing down there? They would still be alive had they minded their own business.

  106. I am amazed Beck has not had a .22 to the head. I know the right call liberals pussies but surely someone has the bollocks to take out this arsewipe.

    • Beck does the research to expose you clowns who would destroy a democratic republic and you only response is to wish death on him. Did he hit the nail on the head, you little pansy??

      • Hey David…

        How many times have I seen you JTF momzers wish death on somebody???

        Kish mir en tuchis, schmuck…


        • What does that statement justify??

          Beck didnt say that the Jews killed Jesus, and even if he did, he is reading the Christian Bible, Luke 18:32 wrong. Luke 18:32 says:
          ‘He will be handed over to the GENTILES. They will mock him, insult him, spit on him, flog him and kill him.’

          You think Beck is God or something??
          Sounds to me like you feel guilty for treating Christians badly.

          The only one that should be off’d the air is the left wing. You hate Beck because he exposes you leftists for being the traitorous rats you are.

        • Nah. I hate Beck for espousing brainless, simple-minded, backward, racist, thoughtless, uneducated, willfully blind, stubbornly ignorant shit that gins up hatred in stupid, redneck, untraveled, narrow minded, myopic bigots.
          Which is also why I hate imbecilic fucktards like YOU. Someone ought to kick your ass up into your vacant skull, you Meir Kahane wannabe pissant bitch.

        • Show us when Beck said Jews killed Jesus. Can you?

  107. CousinAvi
    Will you cry for your mama when the right takes over and puts left wing nuts in the make believe FEMA camps?

    The left cant survive. They bankrupt everything they touch.

    • MadJewess (in your case, it’s insanity)…

      My father was a Shoah survivor. No doubt if he was still alive, he, like I, would see NO DIFFERENCE between you and the Nazis.

      Speaking of being bankrupt,. it is you right-wingnuts who are morally bankrupt.

      • MadJewess…

        Evidently, you cannot read. I posted the link and the quotes where BecKKK used the blood libel. As my shikse wife, the college professor would say, “use your GOOD eye”…

  108. CousinAvi
    Nazis were socialist because Hitler Nationalized healthcare, education, the churches, the press and car companies. Like Stalin they dressed in fancy uniforms and had military parades if front of fearless leader. Like Stalin, it was one man rule and speak out against the state, you may end up dead. The right is minimal govt with maximum responsibility on the individual.

    • If you can’t distinguish between Nazis and socialism, you’re too stupid to bother with.
      You are now banned from commenting on this blog. As stated, a certain level of intelligence is required to participate here…and blatant, insistent stupidity is a banning offense. You lack the former and present the latter in spades. You may now take your stubborn, brainless, idiotic ranting and fuck off. You’re an ignorant racist, and for some reason – not enough hugs as a baby / dropped on your head / heavy metal poisoning / parents in Storm Front / what the fuck ever – you’re PROUD to be stupid. Can’t be fixed, but it doesn’t have to be my problem. Ciao for ni hao, you mouthful of Meir Kahane cock.

      • Nazi=National Socialist.
        Whats so hard to GET about that?

        Stormfront AGREES with your stance on Israel.
        You ‘ban’ us because you cannot handle it, you are a weak ass Jew.

        • Back with more shallow, yammering nonsense.

          You’re one of the stunned shit-for-brains coonts who thinks that because some stupid gang of bigots puts the word TRUTH in their group’s name, they MUST be telling the truth, eh?

          DPRK = DEMOCRATIC People’s Republic of Korea.
          What’s so hard to get about that, you stupid racist ignoramus?

          And what, precisely, is my “stance” on Israel, you lying Kahane whore bag of shit?

          I ban you because you’re a fucking stupid, racist, ignorant, backward, hideous, spooge-brained, hate mongering, asshatted whore married to a pissant, wannabe, shitbag, asshole, fucktard, blowhard, racist cockthroat.

          Now shut the fuck up and get the fuck back in Meir Kahane’s decaying asshole.

          What’s so hard to get about THAT?

        • MadJewess aka AsheDina..

          You are certifiable.

          A woman like you..makes me appreciate my SANE shikse wife even more.

          As I’ve said before. you JTFers are no different from the people of Stormfront.

    • Does that mean Catholics are socialists? The Vatican has a national state religion. Catholics also have their hand in education, health care and have their own press. (No car companies though!) The Vatican has one-man rule. They have marches and wear extremely fancy uniforms. Oppose the state and its rules and you don’t just get arrested, you go to hell for all eternity.

      Anybody who can’t figure out that Nazi’s and Commies were arch-enemies is a complete fucktard who is completely oblivious to history.

  109. You are the fucking batshit idiot. If you can’t see what is happening someone should take you behind the barn. You are too stupid to walk around by yourself. We will all know soon enough who is a fucking idiot. You or Glenn. My money is on you

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