Right to Lifer’s Heads Explode

The tragic death of an infant is inevitable.  Another child can be saved with a heart transplant, but the terminal donor keeps breathing even after life support is withdrawn.  There can be no surgery until the donor stops breathing…and if that doesn’t happen soon, the baby waiting for the heart will also die.

Thankfully these people aren’t like the parents of Terri Schiavo.   Here is the scenario that goes straight to the heart of just about every question related to death and dying:  Organ donation, quality of life, definitions of the terms alive and dead…
No doubt the Jesus freaks will be protesting outside the hospital tomorrow.  Thankfully, in such situations, the RCMP have particularly Canadian instructions about allowing freedom of speech to inflict emotional duress on grieving parents in a hospital’s neo-natal intensive care unit…or, at least, I hope they do.


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