Old Boss vs. New Boss

Here’s a photo of the previous POTUS, Chimpy McFlightsuit, staging a photo-op with the troops.  The turkey on that tray is fake – provided to make it appear that Chimpy gave a rat’s ass about the men and women he was putting in harm’s way.

Notice the number of people who seem eager to spend a moment chatting with their CinC.

Notice the number of people who seem eager to spend a moment chatting with their CinC. That would be ONE.

Here is the current POTUS, Barack Obama, visiting the troops yesterday in Iraq:


Change you can not only believe in…THAT’S change you can see with your own eyes, reach out and touch, and take the leftover change home in a doggy bag for later.


10 Responses

  1. Let me guess, you are one the asses who voted for that jack ass. This country is doomed because of idiots like you and the one who is currently in office.

    (In keeping with my policy of not permitting fuckwits to remain anonymous, anyone so moved may reply to tomphoto@earthlink.net) [-Avi]

    • @cpr2008
      Let me guess, you’re one of those ignorant, redneck, racist dittoheads who thinks Lard Ass Limbaugh is a genius and that throng of soldiers overjoyed to be in the presence of their Commander in Chief (finally someone they can respect) are a bunch of left-wing, commie, socialists who are over there in Iraq to assist with spreading the wealth.
      I have only one question: How do you manage to feed yourself being THAT fucking stupid?
      IF your country is doomed, it’s because a bunch of neocon, religious imbeciles exactly like YOU turned over the keys to morons like Rove, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Feith, Dubya and were actually stupid enough to believe that you could live on your credit cards and home equity to infinity and beyond.
      The rest of the thinking world is goddamn overjoyed to have a president with a brain, who doesn’t cock up the English language every time he opens his mouth, wasn’t a total fucking failure at every single thing he ever attempted, and doesn’t bend over and take it up the ass every time some homophobic, creationist Jesus freak demands a prayer meeting.
      Oh…and by the way. Nice hat, dickhead. Must be a royal bitch getting the spooge stains outta that ball duster mustache, though. Lemme guess: Texas, eh?

  2. Correction, you are obviously a liberal ass who voted for Obama. Do you like the rest of the liberals feel that lazy people who do not choose to work should get a free ride? I stand for what this country was founded on! If you and the rest of your liberal friends would prefer a European Socialist system then I would suggest you get your pansy, politically correct asses out of our great nation and over to Europe.

    • Ahhh. I love it when morons insist on making their most prized qualities public. Where to begin?
      “Lazy people who choose not to work.”
      Like all those people who used to work in steel mills and car plants. And the farmers. And the car dealers. And the factory workers. All those people who got fucked over by your big capitalist geniuses when they shipped jobs overseas for the cheap labour to enhance the stock price…which is doing just fucking lovely now, ain’t it, Benjamin Franklin? Fuck all those people. No help for their lazy, unemployed asses.
      Pansy? LOL. Politically correct?? LMAO. You need to spend more time doing your homework before running your stupid cowboy hat wearing sheep fucker mouth. What I wouldn’t give to sit around and listen to you and your genius, redneck Klan pals discussing the principles on which the United States was founded. What you know about it would fill the back of a postage stamp with room left over for all the many parts of the Constitution you’ve never read and know nothing about, you ignorant fuckwit.
      For your information, you backward embarrassment to DNA, “ONE MAN-ONE VOTE” sits at the very core of America. And the election is over – you lost. Now you either suck it up like the man your Momma once hoped you’d be and support the PRESIDENT of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama…or YOU haul your limp-dick, treasonous, unpatriotic, anti-American, racist, inbred, spooge dripping asshole the fuck out of it, you semi-literate, shit-for-brains ignoramus.

  3. I cannot help the fact that many Americans are naive enough to be taken in by the Democrats rhetoric. I on the other hand have an IQ of 132 and have worked hard for everything I have. I will be damned if I will give it to lazy ass people who do not have the desire to work hard and make something of themselves. Mean while you and those like you would like nothing more than to destroy our Constitution. I concede to you that Obama was elected. I fully respect the office for which he holds, however I believe he, like the majority of politicians are corrupt, self serving crooks, most Republicans included. One question for you. Do you work or are you a leach?

    • An IQ of 132…if measured against your peer groups: Idiots, imbeciles and morons. It’s quite apparent that as against the rest of the population, you’re about as bright as a small appliance bulb.
      No one is taking a fucking thing away from you, cock duster…nor are they giving anything of yours to a bunch of lazy fuckers sitting around waiting for a handout, you stupid Limbaugh gobbling fool.
      To listen to you yammer about destroying the Constitution – a document I doubt you’ve ever read (or if you have, failed to understand) – in the wake of the vicious shredding and shit wiping inflicted on almost every single founding principle by George Bush and Dick Cheney…from illegal wiretapping to The Patriot Act (as twisted a name as ever there were for a law); Abu Ghraib to Gitmo, WMDs to Valerie Plame to Alberto Gonazalez to Harriet Cunting Miers…is just fucking nauseating.
      You not only know NOTHING about the history of your country and founding documents, but are utterly myopic and stunningly fucking ignorant of recent history, what it really meant when the shit went down and what it means relative to the very principles you CLAIM to worship yet haven’t the foggiest fucking CLUE ABOUT.
      Not only that, you brainless fuckwit…you misspelled LEECH.
      Leach, with an A, means to seep or ooze…commonly from a containment vessel, as in, “Try to prevent the toxins from leaching into the groundwater.”
      Leech, with two E’s, is the bloodsucking parasite that lives in fresh water, more commonly brackish water of the sort found in bogs and swamps.
      Really, Mr. 132 IQ…try to get a grip on the English language. I know Spanish, Ghanian, Russian, Taiwanese, French and Italian immigrants who have a better command of both history and your (alleged) native language than YOU, Captain Mensa.
      I guess maybe you have really strong spatial skills…or maybe math is your thing, eh? Mr. Redneck Genius.
      Thanks for playing, fuckwit. Better luck next time. Here’s some free advice – get a vasectomy before you pass that weak ass brain on to any poor, innocent children.
      UPDATE: Just look at the photos above, you brainless twit. In the first pic…a man who shirked his National Guard duty (which he got to avoid going to Vietnam), failed oil business backed by Saudi money, failed GM of a fucking baseball team, alcoholic frat fuck; Mr. Mission Accomplished; President “There must be some WMD’s in here somewhere hehehehehehe”…carrying a PLASTIC TURKEY for a photo-op with troops he sent to die.
      In the second pic, a president who is pretty goddamn clearly POPULAR with the troops. Mark that, cowboy. Those aren’t illegal Mexican immigrants glad for the chance to pick the avocados you eat for $5 a day…those aren’t unemployed, minority ACORN members lining up for a cheque handed to them personally by the Super Socialist…THOSE ARE AMERICAN SOLDIERS, you treasonous, backward asshole.
      While I have not the slightest doubt you would vote for Sarah Palin on the sole ground that she wants to protect the innocent unborn, I am also confident that your mother has changed her mind. It seems pretty fucking certain to me that your Momma would like nothing more to go back in time and yank you out of her womb before you ever had a chance to embarrass her in public with pathetic, stupid crap like you’ve been yammering around here.

  4. You are obviously an angry man. Correct me if I am wrong, but you don’t even live in the U.S. Would you like my address so you can come and visit? Oh, by the way, I have a copy of the constitution and the amendments. As far as my comprehension, when I was in the 4th grade I had the comprehension level of a 2nd year college student. If my spelling and grammer are off it’s probably the 10 Beck’s I’ve had.
    By the way, I am not a redneck, nor a member of the Klan or any other white supremacy groups. I was born and raised just outside of D.C. and have since lived in Chicago, Florida, and now Tucson, AZ. HAVE YOU CONSIDERED ANGER MANAGEMENT?

    • You grew up in DC, eh? Guess you just started wearing the hat and ‘stache since you settled out on Brokeback Mountain, huh, cowboy?
      I wouldn’t have much to be angry about if there weren’t so goddamn many ignorant, Limbaugh dittoheads popping in here to yammer about crap they plainly do not understand as if they had everything all figured out, especially when it’s exactly the logic and “principles” you employ that have dragged America and the world into the abysmal clusterfuck it’s in.
      If offering me your address is some sort of veiled “I’ll beat you up” sort of internet tough guy threat, go take a long hard gobble on Sean Hannity’s cock, you spooge duster. Frankly, I’d love it if you tried, and that’s neither exaggeration or boast. Tough old DC cowboy with a Village People Cop mustache. LMAO. You’d look great with your eyeballs hanging out of their sockets. Might even help you get close enough to The Constitution of the United States of America to learn what it says.
      Grammar with two A’s.
      Guess your language skills have been on pretty much a constant slide since age four, eh, Mr. Mensa?

  5. So, you never did answer if you are a leech or if you have considered anger management. And by the way I am a veteran. What the fuck have you done for the United States?

    • Is that your measure…”What have YOU done for the United States?”
      Guess that leaves you somewhere rather far down on the list, eh, Mr. Mensa?
      If you think you get to come on my blog, demonstrate for the world that you’re about as smart as a bag of hammers, and then demand that I respond to stupid ass questions like, “Are you a leech or have you considered anger management?” simply because you managed to drool them out, you’re dumber than I thought.
      If you have an IQ of 132, you would know the answer to both of those questions.
      As for your alleged service, I don’t buy it. I think you’re lying. Watching Jarhead doesn’t make you a vet any more than failing to show up for NG service taught George Bush respect for the uniform…or taught you respect for your intellectual and moral superiors. The phrase “dickless asshole” doesn’t begin to do you justice. Now fuck off somewhere…you were stupid when you showed up, but now your boring as well. I hate stupidity…but being tiresome is unforgivable.

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