Courtney Hazlette, Levi Johnson and STFU

FSM help me.  Just caught a clip of Courtney Hazlet…Hazlette…whatever…on MSNBC talking about Levi Johnson’s fess fest with Tyra Banks re: unprotected sex with Sarah Palin spawn Bristol.

As if listening to Tyra Banks wasn’t bad enough, I get the fat, vapid, ugly, bitter, cranky, entitled, mindless, talentless squab Hazlet(te) yammering about whether or not Levi made a good decision to appear on Tyra rather than Oprah.
“The ISSUE is….”

The issue is why in the name of ass-fucked wolverines does anyone deserve to have inflicted upon them the brainless blithering of Courtney Plate-O-Rings Hazlet(te)?  STFU and go back to blogging about Julia Alison and making racist remarks about Spike Lee, you ignorant, talentless waste of air.

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