GOP Dumps Palin – Makes Out with Gingrich

(Another post promoted from some vicious thing I said over at Cesca’s. One of these days he’s gonna disinvite me.)

Comes news that the GOP has dumped Sarah Palin and admitted to making out with The Gingrich in the closet.

Imagine what it must be like to try and pull together a meeting of influential GOP bigwigs in order to chart a course into the future. Newt Gingrich and Michael Steele.
Boehner and Bachman.
Sarah Palin, accompanied by her media entourage (Greta Van Sustern) and Greta’s husband and freeloading Palin adviser, and Todd, Bristol, Willow, Trig, Trak, Tictac, Talleywack and Skidoo.
John McCain, and his live blogging tweet of a daughter dogging the junior Rep with abs…what’s his name?…Schock?
Eric Cantor. Mike Pence. Shelby and Chambliss and Vitter and DeMint… A few lawyers armed with recording devices to make sure everything that is said about Dick Cheney gets back to Dick Cheney – they told him to stay away, but Dick ain’t done with them yet.
Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity…and Glenn Beck wandering the halls in tears because they won’t let him in despite the fact that he has them surrounded.

If you were planning a cock-up…aiming for an event that was doom fucked guaranteed to result in a disgusting orgy of whaargaarbl and possibly some horrible and irreversible mutation of the human genome…how could it be more perfect?
I keep searching for some analogy…some strange gathering of blind, legless, armless, spastic, inbred, proto-criminal freaks stumbling around a basketball court whipping on each other with tennis rackets, but this is truly a case of truth being stranger…and more frightening.


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