Glenn Beck Gets Amped Up

As the dawn mist rolls in off the ocean, a convoy of semis drops off the interstate and downshifts into the city, belching black diesel smoke and waking children from their dreams of hope and unicorns…
Get ready. It’s coming.
The Non-Stop Glenn Beckathon!
24 Straight Hours of Paranoid Wingnuttery to raise funds for the Revolution That Will Save America!

Special guests: Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, Tucker Carlson, The Michelles (Bachmann and Malkin), Don Rumsfeld, Sick Dick Cheney…

Timmy McVeigh posters on sale in the lobby.
Get your Founding Fathers t-shirt!
Free teabags for everyone!

Video clips of George Bush not mangling a sentence!
Teleprompter smashing for the kids!
For a small minimum donation, you will receive your very own vial of Glenn Beck’s tears of pain and concern!

Special Appearance by the Survivors of Ruby Ridge Bluegrass Survival Band playing their smash hit “Let’s All Go Waco!”

On site facilities hosted by Larry Craig!

All your favorite midway games and rides: Shoot the Abortionist, Circular Argument Merry-go-Round, Duck Hunt with Dick, and Spot the Fake Birth Certificate!

The Revolution Starts Now!
Roll with the crazy, baby.  It’s the Golden Ticket in Life.
Get as far away from sunshine and lollipops as you can.
Get your Beck on.

This post amped up from a comment over at Cesca’s Goddamn Awesome Blog.  Turns out I’m more of a counter puncher.  Suspect VNV is about to turn into a repository for various and sundry bits of jousting scattered hither and yon.  Seems both easier and more productive.


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