In Which Dahlia Lithwick Sorts It All Out

I’ve said it before, and now say it again: Dahlia Lithwick is one of the great gems at
Her legal analysis is razor sharp, her political eye profoundly insightful and her world view overflows with ‘Yep, she’s right.’
Writing on the Meghan McCain – Laura Ingraham – Ann Coulter dust-up, Dahlia once again finds the proper perspective:

You. Have. Got. To. Be. Kidding. This is the female version of the Rush Limbaugh-Michael Steele-David Frum smackdown for the soul of the GOP? One skinny blonde attacking another skinny blonde who is angrily defended by a third skinny blonde, after which everyone retires in a huff to their favorite health blogs to angrily discuss the importance of a positive body image and the need to support a healthy body mass index?


McCain’s problem isn’t her weight, or her views, or even the fact that she doesn’t know a lot. It’s that she suddenly holds a rather enormous megaphone without understanding that the person most likely to be smacked on the head with it is herself. I am about to write a sentence I never believed myself capable of writing: I score this game, set, and match to Ann Coulter, who has never met an opponent she won’t destroy—including myriad imaginary ones—and yet has remained silent in the face of Meghan’s wrath.

Last week, McCain told Maddow “If it was too hot in the kitchen, I’d get out. …” Yesterday, Ingraham retorted that “you know, sometimes the kitchen gets a little hot.” The problem with the whole hot-kitchen metaphor is that it’s as archaic as these women who keep flinging it around. Women can fight in the kitchen if they want to, and they can crank up the heat if they so choose. But until we remember to argue on the merits, avoid the tired Mean Girls clichés, and speak as though what we have to say matters to men as well as to the viewers of America’s Next Top Model, we’ll never be taken seriously, in the kitchen or anyplace else.

Dahlia Lithwick. QFT.


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