Stem Cell Research

Promoted from Bob Cesca’s Goddamn Awesome Blog re: Obama rescinding the ban on federal finding for stem cell research. Lee Stranahan expressed concern. My response made me laugh, and then laugh again…so I opted to post it up.

Lee worried:

If Obama signs this, someone explain to me how in the hell Octomom will have more babies?!

Posted by: Lee Stranahan at March 7, 2009 9:56 AM

I consoled him:

Relax, Lee.
Octomom already has a gross (that’s twelve dozen…and that’s gross) fertilized little fully human ovum frozen and awaiting implantation.
But with all this media scrutiny, we’re looking for some surrogate wombs to bring the little darlings to their birthday.
We wouldn’t want the paparazzi to notice that telling little bump that develops when one is gestating twenty or thirty tiny people with absolute rights to life.
Or, you know…we could just grind them into a milkshake for Michael J. Fox.

Posted by: cousinavi at March 7, 2009 10:04 AM


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  1. Come ON…that’s just fucking funny.

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