Bobby Jindal

I have not heard Barack Obama’s address to Congress. I have not heard Bobby Jindal’s response. I have read the bloviations and blitherings on both and only have this to add.

To those who say that Obama is an orator on par with Reagan: Get over it. Reagan was a Maxwell Coffee House pitchman from Hollywood, selling canned lines to people eager to buy.
He was anything BUT a thinker, a doer, an intellectual…someone to whom one might turn for thoughtful analysis (see Iran-Contra).

Barack Obama is, without question, the brightest, most competent and most naturally gifted and practically skilled speaker to occupy the oval office since Jefferson or Lincoln. You can make your argument for Kennedy…but you’d be wrong.

To those who slam Jindal. What did you expect from a man who believes you can cast out demons (or that demons exist, and/or that demons might possess people…)?
The poor fucker is out of his league, and it is simply not fair to judge Bobby in relation to Barack. For all the oratorical talents either might wield, Obama has circumstance, facts and ex-post Bushco going for him. Might as well ask Bobby Jindal to follow Jimi Hendrix and demand that he fucking well WOW that crowd armed only with a ukelele with three broken strings, a squeezeless accordian and a bad case of laryngitis.
He’s stumping for a bankrupt premise. That’s not only not easy, it’s fucking impossible. He was doomed. Fucked.
Doom fucked.


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