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There Probably Is No God

Dateline OTTAWA

Particular quote:

“When statements are said that God probably does not exist, this is an implied statement of hatred towards all those who do believe that God exists.” – Theresa Milligan

So, then, Ms. Milligan, you fucking brain dead imbecile, the statement that God DOES exist is an implied statement of hatred towards all those who DO NOT believe that god exists.
And so, you would support the banning of all messages in the public arena that make such statements, yes? What’s that? Oh, I get it. You’re an ignorant hypocrite. Okay…just wanted to be clear.

Implied statement of hatred? How about a direct statement? I hate stupid people, and especially stupid theists (if you’ll pardon the redundancy).


2 Responses

  1. I’m a recent member of the Humanist Association of Ottawa. Who the fuck is the Theresa Milligan twit and why is she in the paper?

    • No fucking idea…but I gotta admit, I like it when the other side comes right out and exposes themselves as foolish, ignorant twits like that.

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