Say Anything. Bill O’Reilly Lowers the Bar Again.

Nothing but Barnum’s freak show.  A circus geek.  In a country of 300 million, where vendors spend money to reach out and stroke folks, an obvious geek gnawing on a kitten is entertainment for a sufficient chunk to let this blithering fuckwit have a show.

A facile facade of journalistic fair play cross-dressing for a night on the trans-truthful “we don’t report mere rumours but here’s the rumour” homo-loofah.

I don’t give a rat’s ass if Caroline and Pinch were bumping uglies.  I hope someone’s getting some.  Except Bill.  Fuck you, loofah freak.  If I ain’t gettin’ any, you damn well shouldn’t be, Ann Coulter withstanding.

Quite honestly…nothing would please me more than to hear she was giving you the loofah while the two of you argued, naked and sweaty, over who sells more books.  I hazard no wager which of you wears the spurs – top or bottom.  Some things are best left unsaid…unexamined.  Sadly, unimagined is now impossible.

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