GOP Knew Bush Was Incompetent

From a bit on HuffPo about an upcoming Vanity Fair piece, a truly damning peek behind the curtain at how the Bush Administration was derailed even before the blithering idiot took office.

Lawrence Wilkerson, top aide and later chief of staff to former Secretary of State Colin Powell, said that as a new president, Bush was like Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, the 2008 GOP vice presidential nominee whom critics said lacked knowledge about foreign affairs. When Bush first came into office, he was surrounded by experienced advisers like Vice President Dick Cheney and Powell, who Wilkerson said ended up playing damage control for the president.

“It allowed everybody to believe that this Sarah Palin-like president – because, let’s face it, that’s what he was – was going to be protected by this national-security elite, tested in the cauldrons of fire,” Wilkerson said, adding that he considered Cheney probably the “most astute, bureaucratic entrepreneur” he’d ever met.

“He became vice president well before George Bush picked him,” Wilkerson said of Cheney. “And he began to manipulate things from that point on, knowing that he was going to be able to convince this guy to pick him, knowing that he was then going to be able to wade into the vacuums that existed around George Bush – personality vacuum, character vacuum, details vacuum, experience vacuum.”

There ought to be some sort of exam one must pass before being permitted to sit in the oval office. We make people take tests to drive cars, apply to university, join the police force…hell, there’s even a skill testing question before you can claim your free fucking French fries…but any myopic moron who can cobble together a sufficient number of idiots with ballots can be President of the United States.
To watch the incompetent Condi staggering about trying to insist that history will judge Dubya in a different light; that his presidency will be reassessed as having been the right thing for America at the right time, is – like so very much of the Bush years – a nauseating degree of WTF are YOU smoking?
Not without a certain amount of congruence, the GOP have apparently abandoned the “Obama lacks experience” theme in favour of racist parodies of children’s music. Probably a wise move given that, in comparison to Bush (and from the mouths of those who were there), that still leaves Barack up personality, character and a command of the details. That and racism delivered to tunes you can hum along with is about the appropriate level of communication for Bush supporters. No doubt Condoleeza is working up a piano recital based on Bingo: OH-BEE-AY-EM-AY…and Obama was his name-ah.

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