Taichung Shuffle

Having drinks at The Border I met a trio of young fellas in town as part of the touring Riverdance show.  Now, that’s not the sort of thing one takes at face value when conversing with new foreign faces about Taiwan:

“How long have you been in Taiwan?”

“Just a few nights – we’re with the Riverdance show.”

“Yeah.  Sure you are.”

Turns out they were.  In order to establish their bona fides one of the boys, Joe Moriarty (a step dancer in the Michael Flatley style of Irish clog stomping), and his shufflin’ cohort (featured in the clip below) took a spot just off the bar and demonstrated that hard core Irish steppin’ and pure, old school tap can go much better together than one might expect from such a pairing.  Suffice to say they beat the living crap out of anything that might be accomplished with a saxophone and a set of bagpipes (I know…bagpipes are Scottish).  In any event, young Jason managed to impress the hell out of everyone with a tap routine performed in unlaced high tops, which seems to me no small feat in itself.

The third member of their gang, whose name escapes me, claimed to be a fiddler.  He wasn’t carrying, but I’m from Nova Scotia and assume that any yankee who can name Buddy McMaster,  Natalie McMaster and Ashley MacIsaac ain’t makin’ shit up.

Good fellas.  A few drinks and a few bowls and it was sunrise.  I was too flogged to make the show –  another regret…the list grows long.  Break a leg, boys, wherever you are.

Here’s a YouTube clip of Jason E. Barnard (link to his professional site), who impressed us all and seems like a fine young man with a bright future.


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  1. To quote Dennis Leary – “Pffft. Lord of the Dance! Real Irish people don’t dance like that … you’ve seen us dance at weddings. It’s like a cross between fighting and falling”

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