Video for Leznoff

Dogs.  They play with sticks.  They play in traffic.  Stupid dogs.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


5 Responses

  1. That’s beautiful. Thanks Avi. P.s. forgot to mention I loved the rocket booster re-entry video. Amazing.

  2. Tomorrow, that dog is gonna slit some bitch’s throat just for the amusement.

  3. And so what more do you need? Crows fashioning and modifying tools? Octopus climbing to the rim of its tank and with a well aimed squirt of water turning off a light? Salmon returning years later to the very stream bed where they hatched peels my skull.
    The wonder and awe that accompany the comprehension of these things is sufficient without imagining extra “oooh….this could be the way it all is” in the total absence of anything like evidence. Baseless expanded notions of ultimate interconnectedness and the like.
    I understand you want to suggest that there is lots of evidence (most of it anecdotal) to underpin the constructed world view you seem to engage – a mishmash of particle physics, cosmology, psychology and aroma therapy – but there’s a second problem: unfalsifiable conclusions. More to the point, premises that can never have anything more than purely anecdotal evidence for them (ex. “I felt the spirit of Jesus speak to me!”), nor for which there could ever be evidence to disprove.
    On such things is clear thought impaled before being made to eat its own guts.

  4. …and I just thought you were putting something inspiring up. I wasn’t sure if it was some continuation of our former discussion on the purpose of life. I can’t remember what we were talking about, but I’m glad to see that the dog cared enough about its injured friend to risk its neck to go and save it. As for your comment, “Tomorrow, that dog is gonna slit some bitch’s throat just for the amusement.”, that’s more the kind of thing you’ve said you’re up for, rather than the dog, seeing as your stated purpose in life is to simply amuse yourself. Being amused is a weird quality, isn’t it? It would almost be more amusing for the second dog to get hit by a another car as well, and then a third one would come our to rescue the other two and get hit, and so on and so on, until there was a great big pile of nearly dead and dead dogs out there on the motorway. Then you’d go have a few drinks to celebrate watching something so amusing, cause that would be amusing too! And so on and so on. Don’t try to use the behavior of the dog to speak for you- you already stated your position.

    What are you arguing? I never got into it, but I gladly ascribe consciousness to animals- dogs, octopi, whales and dolphins…and yes parrots…but typing here on this keyboard onto the world-wide-web I can’t help thinking that we’ve got a bit more awareness than even Sharon’s fantastic parrot who can say, and maybe even mean, a few hundred words.

    Anyway, after all this, I truly can’t remember the point. Thanks again for the inspiring video. I think I’ll lay off your blog for a while, but if you are so inclined, random video selections of jazz always brighten my day.

    Cheers to you and anyone else reading this

  5. No, Mike…slitting a throat for amusement is something YOU said was more like I was up for – part of your “refusal to see some greater purpose / synchronicity / reason for it all” makes me a nihilist who could not possibly have anything like a moral code in my pathetic fulfillment of amusement seeking argument.

    As for no longer remembering the point, I’m not surprised. You leap from self-contradictory proposition to mystical premise with the frequency of a ham radio.

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