Crazy for God

I’ll go so far as to grant those who argue for the God of Spinoza and Einstein a small chunk of arguable real estate. The folks in the vids following the link are just bat shit crazy. If their God existed, killing it would be a case of justifiable homicide deicide.

I lifted one of the clips to post here.  Story goes there was some controversy about whether or not the convocation ceremony would feature a benediction – the old argument over freedom from religion.  The deal was that there would be a short, inoffensive invocation of the lord and saviour jesus christ.  The valedictorian went rather off the deep end…and apparently off her medication.

More crazy for god at Atheists Never Say Die.


4 Responses

  1. actually I kinda liked it- except for the part where she said “forgive us for our intellect.” I’m glad I didn’t go to that high school. I like being able to choose what to believe.

  2. I wonder why there is a strong correlation between religiosity and bat-shit insanity.

  3. You can’t have one
    They’re so much fun
    You can’t have one
    without the other.

  4. matt,
    is there a difference? i don’t understand.
    it seems bsi = religiosity.
    just sayin’

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