Thanksgiving Turkey – Palin Gobble Gobble

More vapid, inane, foolish blithering word soup from Sarah Palin.  It must provide no end of comfort to G. Dubya to be able to point to this moronic clown car as proof that there are dumber stumps than he there also, just yammerin’ an’ talkin’ to the media there an’ makin’ it up also with no fuckin’ idea what she sounds like to thinkin’ people there. 
Someone ought to stuff Caribou Barbie into that turkey grinder:  “I told you to SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU IGNORANT FUCKING TWIT!”
Just when you think you’d seen the depth of her imbecility, she lowers the bar yet again. The bottomless pit of stupid: Sarah Palin.

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4 Responses

  1. Why did the camera crew film there? What was the camera person and the reporter looking at?

  2. I believe the end comment says that they gave her the chance to change the shot.

  3. If you have never lived in the country, produced your own food, lived on a farm, Thinks that turkeys are hatched weighing 15 pounds, cleaned, picked and vacuum packed.
    Then I can understand your dismay.
    But the fact is thats read life!
    I applaud her for not being political afraid to be filmed in real life conditions with real people, not phony Washington insiders or food uninformed and sometimes uneducated city dwellers.

  4. @ pobept:

    Do you also applaud her for being stupid enough to speak like you type?

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