Thunder and Lightning

Israel is reassured.



4 Responses

  1. I like it. Lightning, Thunder, and Reign.

  2. Obama wielding the Hebrew Hammer?

  3. I was wondering if the reason Obama picked Rahm was because Obama was seen as being very open to negotiating with Muslim countries and the large political force the Jewish ‘lobby’ holds in the U.S. was worried. If so, do you think that having Rahm as C.o.S. will affect Obama’s ability to negotiate with both Muslim countries and Israel?

    Is this good for everybody or for a few? Personally, the limited amount that I know of Rahm, I like him and think it was a very wise decision, but my opinion is strictly based upon how intelligent he is and the job that he has done. The fact that he is Jewish, I don’t care. The fact that he is a Zionist is a small strike against him imo.

  4. Ech…what’s up Cous? Hey we won! Just stopping by to see what you had going on here. Lightening and thunder. Our fight has just begun so let’s hope so!

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