Sarah Palin Update!!!

Look.  I’m not obsessed.  I’m not.  And this is just something I happened to notice.  It’s not like I’m looking to extend this totally dysfunctional relationship with that vacant, incurious, blitheringly stupid bitch who walked out on me.  I just happened to search facebook for Sarah Palin.

Anyway…there’s, like, ONE group that’s for Sarah there and a whole bunch of groups against Sarah also but what’s really fungible is that the people have made their intentions manifest there as the group that’s for Sarah is growing but also all of the groups that are against Sarah have fewer members there!
It’s called Sarah Palin 2012, don’tcha know.

I knew if I were patient she’d come back to me.

One Response

  1. Avi;
    She’ll only break your heart. She’s in need of some SERIOUS spot-welding in the cranial area. You KNOW the mentally ill party ALWAYS controls the relationship. She’ll take your El Camino, all your good liquor, and eff-up your credit rating.

    65% of Republicans are gonna find this out the hard way. You still have time to get out with yer skin, my brutha.

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