It’s Happening Now. Landslide.

The final disgusting smears against a highly respected Palestinian scholar, welding together fear, lies, thuggish disrespect, incredible myopia, racism, terrorism, Israel, media bias, hypocrisy…it played all the cards at the same time.  McCain drew the Jack of Shit and called “GIN!” in what is clearly his style and character.  It matters not if he ever had dignity, he has none now.
A thoroughly repulsive gambit designed solely to incite the ugliest factions of the Republican base – the angry, frightened, ignorant parts of “Real America” to whom Palin and McCain have been whining for the past months.

The last desperate appeal to fear and hate has been offered.  The last threat, distortion, lie, and veiled call to ignorant racists has been delivered.  The ultimate twisted plea from a band of anachronistic, vicious, prevaricating, condescending, backward, Constitution shredding assholes as ever infected the presidency of the United States has been submitted for America’s consideration.  I do not see it as merely a slimy and contemptible campaign play from Rick Davis and Steve Schmidt in service of John McCain.  I see it for what it is – the death rattle of a corrupt, discredited world view too long inflicted on America and the world by the most venomous greedheads and shiv-wielding hacks to ever gang up anywhere.

George W. Bush – a smirking buffoon.  A semi-literate incompetent.
Dick Cheney – a man who served Nixon.  An ideologue who ran George Bush like the puppet he was while running circles around him.  A man who made his friends rich beyond their wildest dreams and considered the Constitution a quaint document to be invoked only when useful; utterly disregarded when convenient.  A man who simply chose to disregard the law when the law did not suit his ends, although that will never be “proven”.  The claim is Executive Privilege, although Diplomatic Immunity might be more accurate – we have no courts competent to judge demons and their Faustian machinations.
Karl Rove.  Donald Rumsfeld.  Scooter Libby.  Alberto Gonzalez.  Douglas Feith.  A list of men who ought to be investigated despite any pardons bestowed by Bush in his waning days.  I might attempt the argument that charges should be brought in any event upon discovery of compelling evidence of treason or other high crimes, regardless of any preemptive pardon, but whether or not charges might be brought is insufficient reason not to ascertain what happened.
Any government of the people that wishes to ensure it is never again hijacked by a cadre of vicious freaks had best reserve to itself, at any cost, the right to accurately and fully understand how it got off the rails the last time.

And now comes John McCain and Sarah Palin.

And Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

No choice has ever been so clear.
I am not a cheering, thoughtless, kool-aid drinking socialist liberal commie.

How is it that there is anyone left who can support the party that provided the past eight years of helmsmanship and navigation?  How can anyone vote for a party that would toss up almost randomly a senile, doddering, dishonourable candidate like John McCain?  War Hero / Stunned bully with a vicious temper, a foul mouth and demonstrably poor judgment, coupled with Caribou Barbie – a young earth creationist whackaloon who has never read the Constitution or a newspaper and can’t string together a coherent sentence…a liability in every way that matters.

Barack Obama – intelligent, steady, educated, thoughtful, considered.  Inspires hope and speaks to the better nature of each of us and the country as a whole.
Joe Biden – experienced, smart, sincere, hard working, an asset in every way.

What happened?  How is it that making the only reasonable choice became such a divisive issue?
I’m shocked there’s still such a thing as a red state.  I would have thought even Texas would flip.

Still…though.  It is happening.  The lines are long.  The newly registered are coming out to vote.  The kids with cellphones who don’t own a house and don’t show up in polls.  This is what happens when real democracy is presented with a simple, obvious choice.
The GOP are going to have to rethink the politics of threat, fear, division, lies and distortion.  The people have rediscovered their power – they are out there basking in it en masse, and until the Republicans figure out how to serve the citizens instead of the rich and some twisted neocon notion of superpower dominance, this may be only the beginning (rather than the peak) of their rejection.

It is happening right now.  The first polls won’t close for another two hours or so.  Virginia.  Lines are long, machines are broken, there aren’t enough paper ballots.  Supposedly anyone in line by 7:00pm will be permitted to vote.  That could mean voting is not concluded until midnight.  Exit polls – we get those at 7:00.  Mmmm.  Exit polls.  Remember what they said about Kerry?  Indiana.  Ohio.  Florida.
I can smell something…something extraordinary.
It should be ready for lunch tomorrow, my time.

It’s happening right now.  Reports are coming in that turnout among registered voters is approaching 40% in the early going – a mere ten percent under the whole fucking election in 2004.  Of all the tired old bits of conventional wisdom we believe we think we understand, heavy turnout in this election does not favour McCain.


It is happening now and there is only one downside.  There will not be enough time to bask in it…to truly soak into it, wallow, roll and flop about in the wonderful, liberating change that is sweeping many up and crushing those who insist on swimming against this sweet current.  Fuck them.  They’ve left more than enough to drown in their wake and thrown many more to the sharks.  Karma’s a bitch.

President of the United States, Barack Obama.

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