Thank you, Sarah Palin!


5 Responses

  1. You forgot vicious.

  2. Damn. You’re right. And I commonly don’t miss that one when talking about the Witch of Wasilla.
    Vicious…unless you’re bringin’ her a bone.
    She’s like that dog waggin’ its tail also, waits til your reachin’ out there to give it an ear scritchin’ there and then bites you.

  3. In this role, she is an empty vessel that has to be filled behind the scenes within McCain’s campaign. Afterwards, she regurgitates the load until she is empty once again when the whole cycle has to be repeated.

  4. boo!! your just mad cuz wen sarah gets into office she goin’ to put on her boots and walk all over you hatuz. – your neighborhood friendly rock and roll star

  5. these boots were made for walkin over ice flows
    and that’s just what they’re gonna do also there
    one of these days also there
    these boots also there are gonna walk all over you also

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