Bill Maher – Most Interesting Election (video)

I’m not given to avoiding argument, but as I age I find that I tend to be a little more selective about where I expend my ever more limited energies.  I’ve had a rather deep appreciation for Bill Maher for a long time.  I always thought he was very clever and possessed of a particular sort of snark I liked.  Over the years, the mix between smart and snark has fluctuated, and I’ve let slide a pound or two of “Maher was funny for three minutes ten years ago” crap without mustering up.  Maher:  Without whom there might not be a Stewart or a Colbert.  The truest disciple of George Carlin and Bill Hicks.  Never needed my paltry defense.  He only needed some time.

Take this.

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One Response

  1. I’ve Liked Maher ever since I first starting watching him in the early 90s. I greatly enjoy and appreciate his unique viewpoints and explicit candor.

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