Truly A Civics Lesson Learned

HuffPo reports that of the estimated 6000 souls who turned out to listen to John McCain stump in Ohio, 4000 of those were bused in from area schools.
I’m sure the Republican regional poobah of the state education board (yeah…I’ll go confirm it in a minute) has a wonderful explanation about how being present at the candidate’s rally is a valuable lesson for all young Americans. I’m rather more pleased with the message those kids got about how things are being run.
A day out of class is one thing…blatant exploitation as warm bodies is another. This ain’t no fuckin’ Aerosmith video, dude.
And then, they all got to see Joe the Plumber NOT be there.
“Hey man…a McCain / Palin double bill is one thing. I came here to see Joe the Plumber. This is historic shit, dude.”

Joe The Plumber!  Joe The Plumber!  Joe The Plumber!

Look.  I don’t want to make a big thing about this…but look at Cindy McCain.
Now look at this.
And too many houses.


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