Note to Andrew Sullivan

Sullivan writes:

My view is that McCain has shown his character in this campaign: it’s vicious, petty, lazy, reckless, vain and dishonorable. Campaigns do that. They reveal who someone really is. And Mickey’s pathetic anti-anti-McCain schtick is part of his own “convenient cover for some unstated, perhaps unconscious, pro-McCain imperative (or maybe simply for the imperative to come to a decision).”

There was no need to wait until this deep in the campaign to make that call.
It’s been right in front of your nose the whole time.


One Response

  1. “Campaigns do that. They reveal who someone really is.”

    I surely don’t agree with this idea. Campaigns try to portray what they want to, of course not close to perfection, but they still will try to pass off their own version of language and reality. Witnesses choose for themselves if they are going to shallow or spit what is perceived as produced by this process.

    For my bar, people only reveal to me what they say and do consistently. At anytime, McCain is free to change the track he has been taking…

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