I Smells Me A Hard Fought Landslide

You don’t never quit. Never.
It ain’t over til Wednesday.
But sometimes there are good signs.

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8 Responses

  1. *shredded fingers knocking like mad on wood*

    I love it. Do you know from which state that gem hailed? I almost don’t believe it’s real because there is no Fucking Apostrophe in “rednecks” but I’ll take it anyway.

  2. An apostrophe would be fine. It would merely denote a single voter named Redneck who’s voting for Obama.
    Redneck’s for Obama.
    So is his brother, Fredneck. Fredneck’s for Obama
    And cousin Edneck. Edneck’s for Obama
    And the woman who married Pa after Ma passed – Stepneck.
    Stepneck’s for Obama.
    You can haul your elitist grammitudinous attitude right down offa Step Mountain afore we’s blast a load o’ rock salt into yer Palin’ votin’ butt.

  3. “elitist grammitudinous attitude”–I like that. Can I keep it?

  4. When these guys leave behind their hateful flag symbol denigrating this so-called capitulation, then they will start to show a more sincere message.

  5. Not sure you made your point well, here, Sharon.

  6. Probably not. Though from experience, I don’t expect to be able to make my points well to others, even when making them in my own element, yet I still give it a try.

  7. I bet you’re a riot when you get a few drinks in you and someone gives you a hammer.

  8. Ha Ha. I don’t drink, but still, I agree, keep the hammers away from me. 😉

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