Bill Clinton – Toledo, Ohio – MENSCH!

Just caught Bill stumping in Toledo live on CNN. Whatever anyone (myself included in spades) ever said about Bubba, in this moment he brought the Aces over full flop. Classic Bill – talking to a crowd of thousands one to one and making sense. Communicating. No bones about it, check raising all in. Any smart player, sitting at that table, mucks their cards.
There is not one Republican who can manage in a week what William Jefferson tosses off with ease in a single sentence.  Style, serious brains and potent charisma are half that.  Irresistibly, so is truth.  Tucker Bounds and Nancy PFFFFotenhauer take note.  Second thought, don’t waste your time.
I will post the video as soon as I can find it.

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6 Responses

  1. I too just saw that. I am no fan of Clinton (again putting this extremely polite), but he is doing an adequate job. Too bad he and his wife have to spend so much time playing double duty attempting to clean up the messes they made.

  2. I’ve posted about this very thing before.
    Here’s the link:

    Still and all, when one os forced to do what one must do, there’s that old Partridge Family option, where you sing the words off key until they relent and let your old Mom take the stage…
    Then there’s hitting the stage and doing it right, the way Bill did that.
    It may not make up for everything, but it goes a long fuckin’ way towards it, self-interest notwithstanding.

  3. And THAT job was well more than “adequate” – cut the old whore some slack. Gotta pay props where props are due, and that stump earned props.

  4. I am not trying to pull some kind of pretentious rank here, I am just normally not personally impressed by very much, so from me, “adequate” would seem as high praise (especially for one that I hold no respect for). For the damage these two creatures did and could have done to Obama, they are going to need years of sincere repentance in order to earn any respect from me, not merely months more of politics.

  5. Such is politics. What have you done for me lately? Lots.

  6. LOL…and as for pulling pretentious rank, you’d have a hard time with either around here. Put them together and you are most assuredly wasting your time.

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