Palin IS a Whackjob

Sarah Palin is either “a whackjob” as suggested by some McCain staffers or, as some other McCain staffers have suggested, just really fucking stupid.   Whichever, crazy or an imbecile, it is clear she either doesn’t know the truth or chooses to disregard it.  The proof keeps piling up like a snowdrift in an Alaskan blizzard.

From ABC News:

At two rallies in Western Pennsylvania last night, Palin referenced at the top of her remarks a 2001 public radio interview with Obama that surfaced this week, in which Obama discussed the role of the courts in the civil rights movement.

“There he was talking about the need for quote ‘redistributive change,'” Palin said on the campus of Shippensburg University Tuesday night. “Sen. Obama said that he regretted that the Supreme Court hadn’t been more radical. And he described the Court’s refusal to take up the issues of redistribution of wealth as a tragedy. And he said he also regretted that the Supreme Court didn’t break free from the essential constraints that were placed by the founding fathers there in the Constitution”

And also there, ya know, Caribou Barbie doesn’t have also the slightest degree there of what she’s also talking about there.

Obama had in fact argued the opposite in the 2001 interview, saying that the civil rights movement had become too focused on making change through the judicial system, rather than from the ground up through community organizations.

Palin continues her foolish yammering with absolutely no regard for the facts or reason:

“So you have to ask, is this a suggestion that’s he’d want to re-write the founding document of our great nation to accomplish his goals. And what does that say about his ideas on future Supreme Court justices?” “Let me remind Barack Obama of something else. When judges don’t confiscate your property and your hard-earned — all of your hard-earned money and then re-distribute that, he may call that a tragedy. But I call it fairness and adherence to our U.S. Constitution.”

I dunno…maybe it’s just me, but before Caribou Barbie starts talking about what a professor of Constitutional law wants to do with the founding document of the United States, maybe…just maybe…it would be a good idea if she sat her vapid, ignorant arse down and READ THE FUCKING THING!

Perhaps it would be easier to lend some weight to the blithering idiocy that tumbles out of her brainless head if she were able to state, without asking for the 50/50 and phone call, what the VICE PRESIDENT DOES.

This idiotic, self-styled maverick barracuda has, during her short term in office, barely survived one ethics probe and now faces another; repeatedly demonstrated that she’s dimmer than a small appliance bulb; shown everyone that her perspective is petty and her manner one of entitlement and vindictiveness.
Now Palin has the nerve to talk about threats to the Constitution, a document she has never read (or only very recently skimmed) and utterly fails to understand.

Her previous assertions, in addition to revealing her total ignorance of the job of vice president, included the fresh interpretive zinger that the founding fathers (whom she obviously holds in great respect despite not being able to name any of them) gave the VP very flexible authority to run the Senate…get in there and affect policy also and change legislation as, y’know, boss of the Upper Chamber.

Jumped up jebus on skis!  Well done, John…where in the name of sweet fuck did you find someone dumber than George AND proud to parade it in public?  At least with Dubya, we had an “Aw shucks…I ain’t no scholar,” sort of fallback position.
Palin drops the ‘aw shucks’ in favour of loudly proclaiming her ignorance and arrogantly compounding the evidence as though it were cute and funny – like watching a small child earn shits and giggles for using bad language.

Sarah:  Go read the Constitution.  When you get back to Alaska, head on down the the community college and enroll in a civics class – learn how government works.  Maybe an introductory level seminar in economics – nothing too burdensome, just so you have some notion of the principles of which you are so obviously ignorant.  In your greedy, self-satisfied, entitled, ugly, vicious, unwarranted and Machiavellian drive to power, you left your ticket and your bags on the platform.   Being a stupid, lying, misguided and vapid yammering lipflap IS NOT qualification, no matter how cute you think you look in that red leather jacket.

Back to Wasilla with you.  You are an embarrassing insult to truth, reason, clear thought, education and the very idea of democracy.

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5 Responses

  1. Please cuz, lay off the lady. You’re taking candy from a baby. Just be thankful that even hardliners see her for what she is, even if the faithful don’t. As long as they don’t steal Pennsylvania, we can sleep at night knowing she’s on some island watching out for Putin’s plane.

  2. Fuck her. She’s the shrill barking point on ginning up ignorant, bullshit racism and hatred with this blithering Constitutional yammering pile of crap.
    She’s like some infinitely stupid, willfully blind, mindlessly obsessed ultra-right wing Terminator. It will not stop. It will do anything. It does not care. It will crush everything with hate and lies…hate and lies…

  3. And stealing Pennsylvania is exactly what they’re up to.
    I cannot believe people are not more outraged at the White House directing the AG to start digging into the issue of election fraud this close to the 4th!
    Transparent attempts at voter suppression, and pretty clear evidence of vote flipping and illegal purges.
    It’s treason – subversion of the Constitution; a clear violation of the oath to protect and defend…an impeachable offence if not a hanging one.

  4. Are Americans so stupid as to support this woman or the man who chose her?
    God help the world that allows such ignorant people to stand as leaders
    not even the uk is this naiive

  5. I liked the description used based upon the last question in the second debate: “She doesn’t know what she doesn’t know.”

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