Obama is a Communist! PB&J Proof!

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  1. I am deeply saddened that so many Americans feel that they can vote for a man who supports this.

    (LINK to graphic video images of late-term abortion DELETED for being offensive and part of a disgusting and vile effort to promote religious dogma through the use of straw man / sorites argument – Avi)

  2. @ Curly
    I am deeply saddened that anyone would use such disturbing graphic images as a wedge to further the agenda of those who would repeal a woman’s right to control what happens to her own body
    Your spurious argument that (a) life begins at conception – a proposition which, even if granted, does not obligate the ridiculous conclusion that (b) a blastocyst – a mere clump of cells – has some inviolable Right to Life which trumps all other considerations.
    If you want to run YOUR life, Curly, according to the dictates of some imaginary sky wizard, fine…for YOU. Thankfully, you and your ilk shall NOT be permitted to inflict your dogmatic, slippery slope bullshit on the rest of the people.
    Your language is pathetic, sir. Obama in NO WAY, SHAPE or FORM has EVER said that he “supports” abortion, or anything of the sort. What he HAS said is the he supports a woman’s right to choose whether or not to be pregnant.
    Clearly, you draw no distinction between aborting early and aborting late, and would (had you your druthers) make illegal all forms of termination for any reason. Sadly, it is YOUR efforts to control women, to inflict your narrow religion-inspired dogma on others, that makes for such outcomes.
    Straw man arguments to back foolish positions inspired by blind ignorance.
    Pffft. Take your photos of dead fetuses back to your church group meeting. You are offensive and ridiculous.

  3. http://amateurpol.wordpress.com

    Lets be clear about this. McCain/Palin and their supporters don’t believe that Obama is a communist, just like they know that Illinois statutes already provided for medical care for surviving fetuses. This campaign isn’t really about abortion or trickle down or wealth redistribution. Its about democracy.

    Democracy in its basic form is when an informed educated electorate, by majority, decides on policy/law. The Republican party, regardless of your stand on the issues, doesn’t believe in either side of those issues, but rather in the belief that power comes to those to can manipulate the electoral process taking full advantage of the prejudices of the electorate.. I’m happy to argue and disagree with anyone anytime on abortion or economic/tax policy or environmental issues or whatever. While I believe I”m right, our democracy depends on us being a nation of laws administered by people elected by an electorate informed as to the policies of the elected.

    The Republican party, since the ascendancy of Lee Atwater and his protege Karl Rove do not believe in democracy. They believe in power. Power is to be acquired, not shared. Power is to be taken by the strong, not earned by the strength of your character and quality of your views. Power is to used to further your ends through the use of any means. Legal or otherwise.

    Curly has an extreme point of view and insists on misusing available facts/images to force his point of view on an electorate that doesn’t want to think. And so the Curly’s of the world have always misused/misquoted/pulled out of context to support their ideals without regard for actual truth, becuase the have a fatal and compulsive need to enforce their views on the world. He deserves sympathy.

  4. @ amateurpol
    You are kind and decent man. I prefer hitting curly and his ilk with a stick. Ideally, a stick with a nail in it. I know it won’t change them or teach them anything. I just like it.
    But that Mother Teresa thing you got goin’ there…you know…whatever floats your boat.
    Really, though…come on. If Karl Rove was right here, and you had a stick with a nail in it…?
    Admit it.


    I must admit there would be a temptation to “get all medieval on his ass”

  6. But if I could wish for anything, it would be to require Rove to always tell the truth, like in Liar Liar! What glorious torture that wold be for him.

  7. Fuck Mother Teresa! What you got going on is a total Mother GOOSE thing!
    “…require Rove to always tell the truth…”
    A cute fantasy, but (and you can trust me on this) sticks with nails in them are to be preferred, are far more effective (and fun), and one hell of a lot more likely to happen. Did I mention more fun? Yeah…but it’s worth saying three times.
    Sticks. Nails. Meet the new boss…not the same as the old boss.

  8. “Sticks with nails in them.” Sounds like the “fun” in Iraq.

  9. the word “Democracy” is NOT in the Constitution, nor any state’s constitution. Democracy is a form of government that is to be AVOIDED. We live under the most successful form of government thus far, which is a Republic. A Republic is governed by LAWS, not PEOPLE. The PEOPLE have the most power in legislation, then the states, then the federal government, and finally the rest of the world. NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND. We do not bow to the World Health Organization, nor the United Nations, or anybody else at that level. The current administration has it backwards. Don’t let them convince you otherwise.
    Obey the 10th Amendment, and bring back the lost 13th Amendment.

    • You also don’t bow to reason and find no place for compassion.
      Don’t let the people who tell you that you have the greatest health care system in the world convince you otherwise, you jingoistic twit.

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