Just Read the Quotes II – Palin Anal Tongues Dobson

Comes a story from CNN, Palin chatting with ultra-right religious fuckwit Dobson of Focus on Family fame.

The quotes are nauseating and will not be reproduced here.  Follow the link if you want.  It’s reached the point where I can no longer be bothered to point out the sheer imbecility or even mock it with anything like sincerity.  Read the comments.  Just scan through them.  I feel sorry for the dedicated McCain geek whose job it is to track that.  Every time Palin opens her mouth she drives off another barge full of voters.

Here Palin appeals to an intercessionary God who will, by omnipotent intervention, ensure a McCain/Palin victory via the power of prayer…Faith!…all that is Good, Just and Right.
But what if Obama wins?
Has your God abandoned you, Sarah?  Or is your God simply not strong enough?
Was it you found lacking or was Yahweh not up to the prayerful task?
These questions will no doubt be ignored – you always have Lucifer to lay off your bets.

Prediction:  Four years hence, Palin will be mother to two additional squabs: Zamboni and Spruce Cone.
No one will consider the snowbound former Mayor of Wasilla for any sort of run at anything.  Sarah Palin will be reduced to cutting ribbons at the start of the local snow machine race – the local girl who once almost made a serious run for veep.  Might have worked out but she was saddled with an old nut grumpy senile fuck dragged her down.  Nothing more, and muttering into her mittens, nothing less.

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  1. you will love this- with mouse-over clicking goodness


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