How Will You Celebrate President Obama’s Victory?

No, the work is not finished.  The job is not done.  It will not be done until the last ballot is counted, the last recount is completed, and the last GOP lawyer slinks away from the appellate court with his shredded submissions on why the outcome must be set aside and a new election scheduled.
Or it could be the giant unarguable no bout adoubt it tsunami landslide ass-whuppin’ stompin’ that Bush-McCain-Palin have so sweetly earned and fully deserve.  Fuck the details!  It is becoming increasingly clear that the blue states are deep blue, the battleground states are blue and some red states are also blue.  How blue can you get?  Hah!  That reminds me to finish this post with another music clip!  Some Blues Boy King to wrap it all up – How Blue Can You Get?

Still and all, I am curious…how will you celebrate?  As I wrote to Barack long ago, there will be little enough time for celebrating.  Obama has asked for and earned a horrible burden:  An economy spiraling out of control into deep recession, two wars (three if you count the War on Terror), a shredded constitution, Gitmo, the Department of Justice in total disarray, no juice with friends and plenty of fresh enemies.  The man is gonna go gray fast and earn every silver hair.  So it goes.  He wants it and we want him because he dared to inspire the audacity to hope!  Indeed, and with the mandate he appears likely to obtain, with both the House and Senate onside, it seems the opportunity to make change and forge a new path will come with a “no excuses” clause (save, of course, the craptilicious starting point – thanks Dubya).

But my question remains:  How will you celebrate this seminal moment in American political history – scratch political – AMERICAN history?
A person of colour, hauling around the middle name Hussein, who has fathered two black children!…President of the United States.  Taking power away from the shadowy, prevaricating, dunderheaded, neocon, backward fuckwits that have trashed the very idea of representative democracy and the ideals for which a once great country stood; sending Karl Rove and Dick Cheney back into the Nixonian dustbins of history from whence they came and refocusing the notion of the American dream on the aspirations of citizens instead of the global domination of the Skull and Bones crowd that gleefully inflicted moronic puppets and Pandorian disaster on the world.

How will you mark this turning point in history?
Me?  I’m going to gloat…just a little.  Earned it.
How Blue Can You Get?

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