McCain Agrees – W. Pennsylvania is Racist

John Murtha recently remarked that parts of his state are racist.  That ought to come as no surprise to anyone – large swaths of America are racist.  If they weren’t the polls would be showing a 30 point Obama lead over McCain instead of the 10+(Pew has it at 14!) in the most recent slate.  Nor would we be subjected to the vicious shit that Palin supporters seem so eager to publicly get off their chest for the benefit of YouTube.

In any case, McCain has apparently decided that if he can’t beat Obama, he’ll join the rednecks.

He keeps saying he’s not George Bush, but you can’t not misunderestimate their language mangling skills.

One Response

  1. Does McCain know anything of what he is talking about, he couldn’t agree with Obama’s supporters more?

    What a goof. I don’t want a President who doesn’t know what he is talking about, let alone anywhere near the red button.

    Great blog here.


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