This Election Is Being Stolen

Voters purged from the rolls, unprocessed registrations under the guise of an investigation into ACORN, rigged voting machines, provisional ballots – all amid a massive campaign of distraction centered on racism, hatred, fear and lies, and simmered in the sleaziest reptilian tactics of thugs, thieves and perverts.

How far are the Republicans willing to go?  Would they cheat?
Would they outright steal the election?
Yes, and by any means necessary.  They’re setting up the sting right now.

How many points do they need to take Ohio?  Florida?
How many states are running close to the margin of error?
200,000 in Ohio.  16,000 here.  5000 there.  Voting machines that flip votes to McCain.  Odd, isn’t it, that none of the reported faulty systems err the other way?
Hateful, despicable robo-calls in swing states that even GOP heavyweights decry as beyond the pale of respectable politics…and yet they continue.  They seem to be moving the polls.  Must.  Get.  Closer.
Materials portraying Obama on food stampsThe word nigger being tossed about rallies.  Nigger.  Muslim.  Terrorist.  Arab.  Socialist.  Communist.  Anti-American.  Dangerous.  The blacks will take over.  This is a Christian nation.
And the Republicans downplay it, dismiss it…even suggest it isn’t happening and, in any case, they aren’t responsible for the words of a few disturbed cranks.  Yet the robo-calls continue.  Ayers.  ACORN.  Dangerous.

They keep repeating that ACORN is trying to steal this election.  Not just Sarah Palin and John McCain, who veil the implications behind such passive aggressive phrases as, “We need to know the full extent of his involvement with these people that are being investigated by the FBI for alleged VOTER FRAUD,” but Rush, O’Reilly, Hannity, Beck, Ingraham…ad nauseum.  The nausea made worse by the certainty that they know better and know exactly what they are doing.
The accusation:  The Democrats and Barack Obama – closely tied to ACORN! – are destroying democracy!  Barack Obama is an anti-American enemy of the state!  A Manchurian candidate fronting for those who want to destroy America!
The Republicans – defenders of the American Way – insisting they want to keep the electoral process fair; that the interests of justice require a full investigation into these potentially fraudulent registrations – all 1.3 million of them.

The fact that there is no evidence of actual voter fraud in American political history – a mere handful of prosecutions; that any fraudulent voter risks a felony conviction to cheat the election by ONE VOTE; that there is plenty of evidence of legitimate voters being disenfranchised by improper GOP voter purging, poll challenges and other anti-democratic and illegal poll site tactics doesn’t even cause them to break stride.  They, the Republicans, will save us from the evils of ACORN.
Step one, obviously, is ensuring that none of those forms are used to permit anyone to vote.

How many was it?  1.3 million poor and minority voters.  What percentage of those might be fakes?  Two?  Three?  Ten?  HALF?  The Republicans stick out their chin, sniff and intone that the only way to be sure – the only way to prevent phony voters from stealing this election is to look at every single one of them.
I say again:  No one ever shows up at the polls with fake ID…and even if they did risk the felony conviction, with fake ID matching a fraudulent registration, that’s ONE FUCKING VOTE.

Even if you grant the ridiculous premise that half of the ACORN registrations are fakes – 650,000 fake registrations! – the fact remains that is NOT 650,000 fraudulent votes.  It’s NONE.
But in this ginned up, phony threat to America – this electoral terror alert; this faux “We’re protecting America” Republican bit of shit – to identify the 650,000 fakes, they will happily prevent the 650,000 real poor and minority voters from registering to vote.  It is clearly more – there’s just no fucking way that half of those are fakes and no reasonable argument suggests anything of the sort.  10% would be generous, and that’s still ZERO VOTES.
And if any of them show up on election day they better have ID, proof of residence, and their ID better match the spelling on the Official Government Database (because if some typist in the Official Government Office made a spelling mistake, they ain’t fucking voting and will probably be arrested on the spot for attempted voter fraud!)
Their address better not be on the list of foreclosed homes.  Their ID better have a recent photo.  They had better not have grown a beard or started wearing glasses.  Not if they want to vote.

I predicted this months ago.  Back when it was clear that Obama would be carrying the standard forward into battle against the GOP.  I said we would hear the words Muslim, terrorist and nigger.  I hate being right, but that’s almost a depressing gimme.  I had hoped they wouldn’t be shouted while standing in line at a sanctioned political rally for the vice presidential candidate.  Call me an optimist.

Crank up the racists.  Disenfranchise a few hundred thousand poor, black and Hispanic voters here and there.  Switch every fourth Obama voting machine click to McCain.  Challenge each and every provisional ballot.

This election is being stolen.  The only hope is a landslide.
Anything within the desperate, clawing grasp of greasy Republican fingers will be pocketed, chopped up for parts, pawned and sold to the Chinese for 20 cents on the dollar before sunrise.
Lies are nothing new for these fuckers. If they’ll pull the shit they pulled going into Iraq, revealing Valerie Plame, firing DOJ lawyers, Gitmo, Abu Ghraib, torture, shredding habeous corpus, renditions, warrantless wiretaps…does gaming their own fucking election seem like a stretch?

UPDATE: Read this piece in Rolling Stone by Greg Palast and R.F.K. Jr. on GOP vote tampering and election shenanigans.  Pure fucking evil.

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