Terry Tate – Political Linebacker

I liked all the Terry Tate clips but this…this is the best.  “How’s THAT for ‘Drill, baby, drill?'”
Life may be stranger than fiction, but sometimes fiction is just way more fun.


2 Responses

  1. Don’t you feel ashamed of yourself for endorcing violence against women?

  2. You consider THAT “endorcing [sic] violence against women”?
    Are you insane?
    Get out of the soc. dept. wymyn’s study closet and get a sense of perspective.
    For fuck sakes…violence against women, indeed.
    And I suppose you’re a big fan of Palin’s stated desire that women impregnated by rape or incest bear the child.

    In any case, Ms. Panties In A Knot, what I’m promoting is violence against the terminally stupid. So, if I ever get elected, regardless of your gender, YOU should be worried.

    Imbecility like yours will not be tolerated in CousinAvi’s utopia.
    And the word is ENDORSING, with an S, you semi-literate clown car.

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