US Supreme Court Shuts Down GOP Vote Suppression in Ohio

From AmericaBlog:

The Ohio GOP tried to take away the voting rights of 200,000 voters in that state, after ACORN and others registered voters with misspelled names. George Bush’s conservative Republican U.S. Supreme Court just took the side of Democrats in Ohio, and ACORN, and overturned a lower court’s decision which took the side of the GOP. Ohio’s Secretary of State appealed that earlier ruling to the U.S. Supreme Court — and won:

The Supreme Court is siding with Ohio’s top elections official in a dispute with the state Republican Party over voter registrations.

The justices on Friday overruled a federal appeals court that had ordered Ohio’s top elections official to do more to help counties verify voter eligibility.

Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner, a Democrat, faced a deadline of Friday to set up a system to provide local officials with names of newly registered voters whose driver’s license numbers or Social Security numbers on voter registration forms don’t match records in other government databases.

That’s the dangerous thing about lawyers.  Sometimes…just sometimes…they actually take a look at the Supreme Law of the Land, turn a momentary thought to the intentions of the framers and do the right thing.

GOP rant about liberal judges legislating from the bench in 3…2…1…

This is fucking HUGE.  Precendent, indeed.  Indeed.
The way things look now, November 4th cuts solidly in favour of, “Back the fuck up, Jack!  I’m VOTING or you’ll be someone’s bitch by Friday!”
I wonder what Dahlia makes of this.  This is cutting edge stuff; changes the battlefield – alters everything.
Now forced to let everyone and anyone cast a ballot, the GOP will seek to examine every last chad.  Bets?
This shit will be before the USSC three times before it gets close to being sorted out.
The only other option is the Gulf of Tonkin play.
Keep your umbrella handy.


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