Country First?

Truth comes in many sizes.

The race is getting ugly.  There are far too many who appear ready, willing (and claimed to be armed) to resist any electoral outcome with which they disagree.  They do not see opponents with differing views on the priorities of peace, order and good government.  They see enemies of the state.

When Barack clinched the Democratic nomination – when Hillary and her millions had to grasp that it wasn’t going to happen – there was a serious question about whether or not the party could be healed following such a divisive and passionate battle.  Would Hillary’s gals come back?

Hillary gave one of the great speeches of her life at a moment when she must have wished to be anywhere else, saying anything else.  Sometimes we summon that extra when it is least expected and most needed.
And then, not insignificantly, McCain embarked on a concerted effort to offend every last one them one way or another.  The Democratic family reunion went off as hoped.  But no one had mentioned armed insurrection, either.

Comes again the question writ large.
Can the country be healed?
Have John McCain and Sarah Palin the sheer stones of Hillary Clinton?
Are either of them capable of conceding graciously, putting “country first”, respecting the most sacred principle of democracy – the will of the People – and seeking to close the chasm they have intentionally wedged open?  Can either begin to heal the wounds they have inflicted?

Is such a thing even possible in the wake of this scorched earth campaign?
Do John McCain and Sarah Palin see anything beyond winning?
Sadly, I think not.
Obviously not.  Dangerously not.

Country first, indeed.

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One Response

  1. No one has even stolen an election from these people (like was done to us) yet they are already an angry mob.

    I haven’t healed the wounds from the ’00 theft, though I had to get on with life while grumbling. Many of these Bush idiots still sported the bumperstickers as late as last year and every time, Every Single Time I drove by one, they got a (usually) unseen middle finger from me. If they had more than one sticker or drove like an asshole they got the finger up front. I don’t like this kind of division and still find myself participating in it in my own silly way. I’m not sure we will ever come together and will end up like the 3 factions in Iraq, but without the geographical markings for the most part.

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