Biden v. Palin – Another Promoted Comment

Nothing cuts deeper than one’s own words and despite the GOP’s best efforts Sarah Palin has provided more than sufficient ammunition.  She continues to say the dumbest things imaginable every time they’re forced to let her speak.  Unprepared.  Incompetent.  Just…dim.

I believe (fingers crossed) Biden is about to be unleashed in a direct attack on Palin-speak.
A parsing is a’comin’…a definitioning…and HELL FOLLOWS BEHIND IT!
There will be carnage. Children leave the room. Ladies avert your eyes.
Or I can rent you a pair of binoculars if you prefer.

It’s not sexist to say “She’s dim.”
It’s only to sexist to say “She’s dim because she’s a girl.”
She’s an insult to truly competent women.

And, c’mon…chicks dig the Biden.

Second Thought:  Nah.  Palin is truly an example of res ipsa loquiter.
Everything about the Obama campaign eschews gutting bait animals.
Still…I love the obvious joke.
They staked the goat out there!  I want my carnage!

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One Response

  1. This chick digs this Biden speech more than any she’s heard:

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