McCain on Letterman!

Humour.  I loves it dry.  Dave introduces the Senator from the great state of Arizona and the band kicks into “Can’t Explain” by the The Who:

Got a feeling inside (Can’t explain)
It’s a certain kind (Can’t explain)
I feel hot and cold (Can’t explain)
Yeah, down in my soul, yeah (Can’t explain)
I said … (Can’t explain)
I’m feeling good now, yeah, but (Can’t explain)
Dizzy in the head and I’m feeling blue
The things you’ve said, well, maybe they’re true
I’m gettin’ funny dreams again and again
I know what it means, but
Can’t explain…

Letterman:  What exactly happened?
McCain:  I screwed up.

McCain makes a pathetic and whiny claim that Barack Obama refused to repudiate the statement of John Lewis regarding the dangers of hate speech (the George Wallace reference), while at the same time kissing Lewis’ ass.  I wonder how that works:  Lewis (who made the claim) is a hero, but Obama (who didn’t go far enough to suit McCain in denouncing Lewis) is a dirty bastard for not denouncing the man McCain is praising as a hero.  Republican logic is a mystifying thing.

On Palin, McCain continues to insist that she “confronted the big oil companies” on the pipeline deal.
Can you hear those oil company execs?  “We WHAT?  We agreed to a PIPELINE?  Why the fuck did we do that?  DAMN YOU SARAH PALIN!”  What a load of shit.
Todd is a snowmobile racer who once continued racing despite a broken arm.  I guess that’s bravery…especially when the alternative is to sit out in the -40F Alaskan wilderness and fucking freeze to death.  Fuck that…I’d keep going too and bravery has nothing to do with it.
Palin has a very special baby and McCain is proud of her.

Dave:  If I run upstairs and wake you up in the middle of the night…is Sarah Palin the person to lead us through the next 9/11?
McCain:  Absolutely.  She has inspired Americans. (snip) This is a person who has done so many things that are very unusual (that’s for fucking sure – Avi).  (snip)
America is cryin’ out for change and she represents the kind of change that we need.

(Seems to me that more incompetence is not change at all – Avi).

Letterman brings up William Ayers.  McCain’s frustration with this topic is obvious.  He knows it’s a stretch that folks aren’t buying, but he can’t back off it or put it down and is forced to impatiently insist on an obviously weak, “He has to come clean about the nature of the relationship.”

Letterman:  Did you not have a relationship with GORDON LIDDY?
McCain:  I’ve met Gordon Liddy.
Letterman:  Didn’t you attend a fund-raiser at his house?
(SFX – crickets chirping)

McCain wants to make the distinction that his relationship with Liddy is fine because he will be open about all the details of that relationship – he’s an open book.  Obama serving on the Board of the Annenburg Foundation with Ayers, though….that’s nefarious!  Why?  Because Obama described Ayers as ‘a guy in the neighbourhood,’ and that’s a LIE!  What’s Obama hiding?
What a cheap, slimy, weak and obvious smear.  McCain has no honour.  He’s a disgrace.

McCain:  “He’s involved with ACORN…what could be one of the greatest voter frauds in history.”
This ACORN crap is going to catch fire.  Ever try to extinguish a shit fire?

Back to Palin, McCain sounds defensive.  The mere mention of her name sends him into damage control mode.  He knows she’s weak and a horrible mistake but it would be suicidal to admit it, so Mr. Whiny Voice takes over to extol her virtues without even listening to the question:  “I understaaaand the cynicism about heerrrr…but I’m just so prooooud of her.”

Letterman:  Did anyone ever talk to you about taking her off the ticket?
McCain:  No.  No.  Nooooo.  No.

(If he was playing poker with this hand, I’d go all in against that bluff – Avi).

Dunno about you, but I always preferred Dave to Jay – always thought he was smarter, drier and more cutting in his humour.  In this clip, he’s friendly enough, funny and successfully puts McCain on the spot as well as anyone has managed to do over the course of this campaign.

McCain promised to return after he’s elected, so I’m hoping he’ll never be back.  He also promised to look into getting Palin to appear.  THAT, I’d love to see.

And here’s a link to the whole segment.

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