My Reddit Experiment

I don’t suppose I’ve proved much of anything, but this is what I did.
I write stuff.  Sometimes, when I vainly consider a bit worth a look (and that’s a relative measure), I submit it to  Sometimes it draws a few eyeballs, other times it doesn’t.
I noticed a correlation between the headlines and the traffic.  It didn’t seem to matter what effort I’d put into a rant, the determinative factor was the headline.  Sometimes it was counter-intuitive…good bits (I thought) suffered because the headline aimed for irony.  I worked on that, you down-voting cretins!

In any case, I thought I’d try something.  Fuck content!  Let’s see what a simple photo draws with just a snappy headline.
Photo of INCREDIBLY Ugly Zombie John McCain
Traffic went through the roof.

I repurposed and tossed up a posterized photoshop:  Sarah Palin’s Education Strategy

In a matter of moments both had surpassed any and all of the posts on which I had worked.

Like I said, I don’t think I’ve proven anything, but it does raise some issues.
Sorta the inverse of that argument that every download is a lost sale…
In this pure democracy, it appears content is not a weighty consideration.

Well, of course…maybe my posts are shit.  There’s that.

UPDATE: Since being submitted to reddit, this post leaped immediately to #1 today and is climbing like an alpine motherfucker:  My Reddit Experiment.  Imagine what it could do if it had the word TITS in the title!


2 Responses

  1. You’ve demonstrated that Reddit traffic is worthless.

  2. One wonders how that differs from the rest of the cars and trucks on the freeway.

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