Helicopters vs. Snowmobiles – Wolf Hunting Etiquette

Comes a post on DailyKos.  Sort of a red woolen mittens tied up with strings bit, it covers a fair bit of ground.

As has been widely reported, Sarah Palin has hunted, shot and killed at least one wolf from a hovering helicopter.   Of course she has.  She’s the governor of Alaska and she shoots things.
It is now reported that, in her campaign to get ex-BIL Wooten fired, she wrote a “weepy” letter accusing Wooten of chasing down a poor, defenseless wolf with a snowmobile and (gasp) shooting it.

So, there’s the fact that Wooten was hunting on Palin’s sister’s permit.  I have nothing on the legalities of wolf hunting permits and who’s allowed to pull the trigger.
There’s the fact that Palin’s father is alleged to have skinned the decedent canis lupus.  Likewise nothing on paterfamiliaris as regards skinning wolves.
There’s the hypocrisy of objecting to chasing the fucking critter with an Arctic Cat as opposed to a Huey – more on that in a moment.
There’s just the pathetic pettiness of it all – both in her writing the letter, and in Kos posting the bit.

But none of that addresses the central question:  What is the best way to get a clean shot at a wolf in deep snow?

Perhaps it’s just a matter of preference.  Do you want to be out in the cold all day chasing a wolf, or do you want to drop down – all surprisey like – and lace the bitch up quick?
Do you want to make the wolf run through deep snow for mile after desperate mile and then kill it, or would you prefer to slide down on an animal that has no chance and drop it mid stride?
Are you about the hunt, or just the kill?

Perhaps there’s a third possibility.  Maybe hunting wolves is just a bad fucking idea to begin with.
Maybe we don’t have to debate whether we want to die by terrorist attack or financial meltdown.
Maybe it’s really just time we took a look at the whole proposition with some fresh eyes.


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