Biased Media – Promoted From Drunken Rant at Cesca’s

Following, a series of my own posts over at Chesca’s Awesome Blog that I lifted and strung together with some small edits.  How vain, eh?

I am becoming more and more jaded at these “OMGLULZWTF! McCain personnel have not been perfectly consistent their entire lives!” revelations.
Go back only a wee bit further and post photos of Rumsfeld shaking Saddam’s hand, eh?
How about photos of W meeting with the Taliban in Houston, or his daddy with Manny Noriega in DC lo those many years ago…

There are enough SOLID, non-stretchy ways to drop McCain into his own heap of shit without digging up the fact that the butler who walks his dog is Castro’s 2nd cousin twice removed by marriage.

Get this straight: The media is not particularly biased one way or the other. They are biased in favour of ginning up whatever they figure the people want to hear; narratives that lend themselves to the sort of tension that permits them to pretend there’s something the people NEED to hear and can ONLY GET by tuning in at the top of the hour.
The sad truth is that you only really notice when they say something with which you DISagree.
So long as they’re telling your truth, you merely nod and say, “Well, of course.”
The moment they switch hit, you want to argue every ball and strike.
IT’S US…up, down, sideways…baby, it’s US.

I’m not defending them. I’m saying that their interests stopped being about TRUTH, serious analysis and informing the voters about the same time Woodward and Bernstein stopped meeting with Deep Throat.
They want audience. Walter Cronkite is gone, baby.

Fair? Are you fucking kidding? Are you trying to provoke me?


They want the same thing the producers of Big Brother want – tension, intrigue, controversy, conflict…hot lesbian interludes…
Some things come easier than others, Maddow notwithstanding.


Stop breathing so hard. You’re ruffling up my fur.

You gotta get past seeing what they do as right and wrong according to YOUR judgment, and see what they’re doing relative to THEIR motives.
Actor/Observer divergence is a real thing.
The MEDIA (writ large) doesn’t care who wins. They only care who watches.
Sure…you can divide them into Rush and ORLY over here vs. Olbie and Maddow over there, and agree or not as suits you.
But THAT ain’t “Media”. Those are the poles that sit opposite a no longer identifiable equator where we used to go (Oh, Cronkie!) for the FACTS.

Do some reading in the field of Social Psych…come to a better understanding about how we all see what we are looking for. I’m really NOT aiming for snotty here…but Comprehension changes everything.


5 Responses

  1. I followed you here because of those comments. Great blog.

  2. Flattery will get you everywhere around here.

  3. Reading these comments reminds me of a normal conversation with you at work… front of students.

  4. Snotty. That’s not quite it….still thinking.

    Avi you really talk like this in conversation? They’d try to call me manic for less than that series of rants.

    Coming out from under the desk,

  5. I post this frequently on Bob’s blog:

    IT’S ALL ABOUT THE RATINGS FOLKS, it’s all about the ratings.

    Because it IS all about the ratings.

    I had an ephipany this morning. We might try taking the fight to the advertisers. Seriously. It has worked in the past on other issues. You fight fire with money. It’s the American “way”.

    News has never been nor was it ever supposed to be “fair and balanced”. News is fucking news. We hope the unbiased facts. The media has so muddied the waters on fact and editiorial comment that the American people no longer know the difference and they’re all drunk on yellow journalism anyway.

    In short; fight the wimpy media with what feeds the beast. If we want relevancy in the media, we are forced to fight for it. Pathetic isn’t it?

    Great post Couzzz!

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