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McCain PA Press Conference Beaten by a CORPSE!

Sometimes the metaphors are subtle – you need to let them percolate a bit before the light goes on and the audience smiles and nods.  Other times, the metaphor walks right up to you and smacks you in the face with a cold, dead fish.

The Pittsburgh Post Gazette reports that a McCain press conference drew no press coverage – strike that, a SINGLE CAMERA – because of a dead body somewhere.

By the scheduled hour, one television cameraman had shown up; no local reporters.

“There’s a dead body in Juniata Park,” a McCain staffer reported. “That’s what some people are covering.”

I guess the McCain campaign corpse is old news.  Perhaps it’s time someone put a tag on its toe and haul it off to cold storage.  It’s beginning to stink.

Zombie McCain. He only looks alive.

Zombie McCain. He only looks alive.


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