Hillary Billary Mutter Grumble

Crooks and Liars have a bit on the media narrative that Bill and Hillary aren’t doing enough to help Obama.

Can the media please stop saying that Bill and Hillary Clinton aren’t throwing their full weight behind Barack Obama already? I mean, seriously…what more do they have to do? Both of them hit the stump today in Pennsylvania, forcefully arguing, like they have for months now, that America can’t afford four more years of George W. McCain.

What choice do either of them have?
Where were they when Barack was trailing? Hillary (and I agree she’s ten times the woman Palin is) – smarter, experienced, connected, beloved, savvy, educated, church-going white mother who grew up summers on that lake outside Scranton…for Christ’s sake Chelsea campaigns and Bristol’s knocked up! Hillary could have gnawed the flesh off Palin with one bite. But we’ve had to tolerate this Witch from Wasilla for how long now?  Without a single direct counter punch from the one Democrat most perfectly positioned to flay that idiot alive.
I believe Bill and Hillary were taking the time to watch the wind sock.  They still held the “I told you he couldn’t beat McCain…I could have won” card.  Hillary 2012.
Now it appears Obama can and will win.  What would be the verdict if they continued to do little and nothing? Talk about political suicide.  There’s a healthy degree of pure self-interest in what they’re doing.  And it’s not like they have anything more helpful to their own legacy to occupy them just now – especially if one wants another shot at health care or the AG’s office.

The tactics employed during the primaries by both Hillary and Bill were at times no different in character or quality than the sort of evil, backward, offensive shit that goes on at Palin rallies. Those rednecks in West Virginia: “I ain’t votin’ fer no HOO-SANE!” and “We’ve had enough trouble with them people (blacks) around here.”
“Jesse Jackson.”
“Hard working, white voters.”
“He’s Christian AS FAR AS I KNOW.”

Bill, when he does his shtick, is one of the great political communicators of all time. He flopped an aces over full house of that same quality Barack Obama holds straight flush: The ability to make every single person in a huge crowd feel like they’ve just met someone personally.
Hillary is farking smart, and she is beloved by huge numbers of Democratic women. The Clinton brand still carries serious weight and solid power. And they’re doing their job.
Don’t misunderstand – I’m perfectly elated to have Bill’s talent and the memories of his economy out there for Obama; quite pleased, indeed, that Hillary brings her 18 million cracks in the glass ceiling to the long overdue routing of the shadowy fuckwits that have shredded the Constitution and set about lies, thievery, invasion, torture, war and treason.
Nevertheless, doing their duty while serving their own self-interest makes it almost (but not quite) a wash. Politics is a dirty game and I can live with that. But I’m not ready to toss them bouquets for choosing the only path open to them.
There was a story going around that Hillary wants a seat on the USSC. I’ve already expressed my opinion about that.


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