Formosan Independence Day – 10/10 Chicken

I don’t remember church bells
Or the money I put down
Or the white picket fence and boardwalk
or the house at the edge of town.

It’s been a year since she ran away
guess that guitar player sure could play
She was always handy with a song
Always liked to sing along…

Then one night in the lobby of the Commodore hotel
I chanced to meet a bartender who said he knew her well
And as he handed me a drink, he began to sing a song
and all the boys sittin’ at the bar began to sing along


One Response

  1. “” Taiwan 10-10 “” Indepedence day “””. I asked to some people here about ..what is 10-10? they responded well “” ohhh is birthday of Taiwan…..So cute……don’t you think so?
    Finally no one knew how to asnwer a simple question…Many of them do not know what a hell was happening that day or why they got holidays.
    Well We were looking for any special show about 10 -10 this democratic country, but we couldn’t find any activity.
    Happy birthday cutes boys.

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